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Turn-of-the-Century Love Disarmed sterling silver salad serving pair. Made by Reed & Barton in Taunton, Mass. Spoon has deep ovoid, and crimped bowl. Fork has shaped shank with 3 wide tines. Handles in form of voluptuous maid in clingy drapery with Cupid peeking out from behind. Early pieces in the famous ooh-la-la pattern that was first produced in 1899. Fully marked. Fine condition.

Length: Spoon: 10 5/8 in. Fork: 10 3/4 in. Heavy total weight: 14.5 troy ounces. #BR734

Listed Price $1,500.00

Turn-of-the-century cut-glass perfume bottle with sterling silver stopper. Globular with short and faceted neck and shoulder, and everted rim. Star, fern, and diaper ornament. Globular stopper with dense repousse-style flowers and ferns on stippled ground. Marked “Sterling” with stamp for James R. Armiger Co., a Baltimore maker that began working under that name in 1896. Very good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 6 7/8 x D 3 5/8 in. #BM943 & BM944

Listed Price $1,200.00

Showy Art Deco gilt sterling silver and enamel fruit set. Made by Lionel Alfred Crichton in London in 1920s. This set comprises 24 pieces: 12 knives and 12 forks.

Each: Tapering handle with alternating reeding and enamel; volute scroll terminal. Gilding is yellowish. Enamel is celadon. In stained-wood case with fitted velvet. Fully marked including date letters: 1926 for knives and 1928 for forks. Case has maker’s label. Very good condition with age-related toning and enamel... Click for details

Listed Price $4,000.00

Modern sterling silver serving tray. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Round with deep well and molded rim. Fully marked including pattern no. 20187, director’s letter M (1947-56), and diameter. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1/2 x D 12 in. Weight: 21.5 troy ounces. #BT406

Listed Price $2,250.00

Edwardian Classical sterling silver covered trophy cup. Made by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes in Chester in 1905. Girdled urn with leaf-capped double-scroll handles and stepped and domed foot. Cover double domed with vase finial. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: 13 3/4 x W 12 1/4 x D 6 3/4 in. Weight: 46 troy ounces. #BR672

Listed Price $5,500.00

Pair of turn-of-the-century art glass vases by historic maker Loetz. Each: Slender with tapering sides and inset neck with flared mouth. Glass iridescent green with oil-style fracture pattern. On front is engraved silver overlay in form of Japonesque blossoming branch. Pontil mark. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 9 3/8 x D 3 1/2 in. #BR704

Listed Price $6,000.00

Turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau sterling silver picture frame. Retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low in Boston. Oval window in flat rectangular surround engraved with dense allover flowers and scrolls; sides plain. Horizontal oval cartouche (vacant). For portrait (vertical) display. With glass, silk lining, and velvet back and hinged support. Fully marked. Very good condition with strong definition; minor velvet wear.

Dimensions: Frame: H 10 1/4 x W 7 3/4 in. Window: H 8 1/4 x W 5 3/4 in. #BR715

Listed Price $1,850.00

Chrysanthemum sterling silver serving tray. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Round with deep well. Flat and narrow shoulder with applied rim ornament comprising buds in leafing scrolls. Striking and tactile. Fully marked including pattern no. 5766 and director’s letter T (1892-1902). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3/4 x D 10 1/2 in. Weight: 15.5 troy ounces. #BT519

Listed Price $4,000.00

Traditional sterling silver trophy cup. Made by Ensko in New York, ca 1950. Neoclassical girdled urn with leaf-capped side handles and stepped foot. Double-domed cover with bud finial. Nice heft. Fully marked and numbered 2805. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 9 x W 8 1/2 x D 5 in. Weight: 26 troy ounces. #BR561

Listed Price $2,500.00

Pair of sterling silver candlesticks. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1910. Column shaft with knop at base; foot square and stepped; bobeche square and detachable. Spare Classicism. Fully marked including pattern no. 15893, order no. 2435, and director’s letter m. Very good condition. A few minor pings.

Dimensions: H 8 x W 3 3/4 x D 3 3/4 in. Weighted. #BT553

Listed Price $2,000.00

Modern sterling silver serving tray. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1920. Round well, curved shoulder, and reeded rim. Fully marked including pattern no. 5765G, director’s letter m, and diameter. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1/2 x D 13 in. Weight: 26.5 troy ounces. #BT455

Listed Price $3,000.00

Pair of turn-of-the-century American brilliant-cut glass bowls with sterling silver collar. Made by Wilcox (a division of International) in Meriden, Conn. Each: Curved with fans and stars bordering large star comprising diaper inset triangles. Collar has irregular rim with applied fruiting berry branch. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 2 7/8 x D 11 1/8 in. #BS951

Listed Price $3,800.00
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