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Sterling Holloware: Figural Silver

Antique Sterling Silver Figurines

Are you a collector of antique sterling silver figurines? Figurines can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and things. You can find boats, animals, and even different people. You can find wonderfully ornate Christmas figurines that will up the wow factor for all your decorations. We here at Nelson & Nelson Antiques carry a wide variety of beautiful antique sterling silver figurines. We handpick each and every figurine to sell in our shop for our clients. Please feel free to have a look around at our New York City shop, or browse around our website to view our collection.

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Antique German Rococo Silver Gilt Sleigh with English Import Marks

German Rococo silver gilt sleigh. Imported to England in 1899 by Berthold Muller. Ovoid bowl with chased and open scrolls and flowers on leafing-scroll stretchers. Mounted to front is scrolled cartouche (vacant) with irregular leaf surround. A frothy, fantasy vehicle piloted by a cherub exuberantly waving a banner overhead. Hanau maker’s stamp B. Neresheimer & Söhne. English sterling import marks with Chester assay stamp. Very good condition with nice toning.

Overall dimensions: H 5 1/2 x L... Click for details

Sale Price: $1,925.00
Listed Price $2,750.00
Pair of Antique Silver Busts of Ancien Regime Courtiers

Pair of turn-of-the-century cast silver busts of ancien regime courtiers. The woman evokes a Baroque beauty from the reign of Louis XIV with an imperious face softened with ringlets, a necklace of walnut-sized pearls around a bare throat, and a low-cut bow-tied bodice. The man belongs to the late 18th century with ribbon-tied wig and face exuding calm and serenity, oblivious to the horror to come. Both appear to be unmarked. Probably German. Very good condition.

Dimensions: Woman: H 5 3/4 x W... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,450.00
Listed Price $3,500.00
Pair of Large Antique German Silver Renaissance Hunting Figures

Pair of German silver Renaissance hunting figures, ca 1890. The man wears doublet over baggy chemise and hose with belt hanging loosely around hips. A long hat feather drapes gracefully along his arm. The horn is raised expectantly while the other hand rests on his sword. The woman wears a bodice-revealing fitted hip-length coat over a pleated skirt. Her braids are coiled in the back and her hat sports a jaunty feather. On a raised arm perches a falcon. The figures stand on rocky mounds with... Click for details

Sale Price: $16,250.00
Listed Price $25,000.00
Antique Italian Silver Grand Tour Gladiator Group

Italian grand tour cast silver sculpture, ca 1910. Roman gladiators clash with swords drawn. The apparent victor, helmeted and armored, stands with sandaled foot on his victim’s thigh. The fallen man’s retaliatory thrust is blocked by a shield-bearing arm. A dramatic fight to the death that is perfectly posed to show off impressive male musculature. The group is mounted to a rectangular base on corner paw supports. Marked. Very good condition with deep patina.

Overall dimensions: H 8 1/8 x... Click for details

Sale Price: $6,650.00
Listed Price $9,500.00
Pair of Antique German Silver Musician Bobble Boxes

Pair of turn-of-the-century German 800 silver bobble-head boxes. A two-man percussion band comprising baby-faced drummer and wizened cymbalist. Rotund bodies squeezed into olden-days doublet and hose with neck-ruff covers. Feather-capped heads bob, bob, bob along to the music. Perfect timing not guaranteed. Marked. Excellent condition.

Approximate dimensions: H 7 1/2 x W 3 1/4 x D 4 1/4 in. Total weight: 25.5 troy ounces. #BV204

Sale Price: $3,850.00
Listed Price $5,500.00
Buccellati Italian Silver Chimpanzee Figure

Sensitive and endearing 800 silver animal figure. Made by Buccellati in Italy. A chimp with raised arm, big funny ears, and expressive face sits on amethyst crystal base with joined feet. A playful primate with tensile hands and feet, and shaggy wire fur. Marked “Buccellati Italy 800”. Excellent condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H (with base) 13 x W 8 1/2 x D 8 in. #BU120

Sale Price: $19,500.00
Listed Price $30,000.00
Antique German Sterling Silver Lady's Shoe with Elf Toe

German sterling silver lady’s shoe. Imported to England by Theodor Hartman in 1902. Shoe has pointy upturned elf toe and open bands. Exterior decorated with scrolls, flowers, and tassel in low relief. Heel plain. German hallmark and English import marks with London city stamp and date letter. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 1/8 x W 2 7/8 x D 9 in. Weight: 8.3 troy ounces. #BH552

Sale Price: $2,275.00
Listed Price $3,250.00
Antique English Victorian Sterling Silver Lady's Satin Shoe

Victorian sterling silver lady’s shoe. Made in Birmingham, England in 1890. Dainty slipper with applied bow and satin-textured finish. Plain heal and sole. Fully marked (maker's mark indistinct). Very good condition with strong definition.

Dimensions: H 3 3/8 x W 2 1/4 x D 7 1/2 in. Weight: 4.3 troy ounces. #BH558

Sale Price: $1,400.00
Listed Price $2,000.00
Set of 4 Buccellati Bacchus Figures Italian Sterling Silver

Set of 4 sterling silver figures of Bacchus. Made by Buccellati in Italy. A young Bacchus prances and gambols. One figure holds a grapevine. Another holds a large ivy leaf. The other two manipulate drapery. The infant deity, in all his manifestations, is buck naked apart from the artfully posed waistbands. Soft bottoms and stubby legs are on view. An attractive decoration for the wine cellar.

Dimensions: Tallest: H 7 ¼ x W 1 ¾ x D 3 in. Shortest: H 5 ¾ x W 2 ½ x D 3 in. Total... Click for details

Sale Price: $5,250.00
Listed Price $7,500.00