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Sterling Holloware: Tea Pots

Sterling Silver Teapot for Sale

Did you know that the first recorded sterling silver teapot was made in England? It was around 1670 and was given as a gift from Lord George Berkeley to the East India Company. It was small in size to the high cost of tea at the time. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the shape we know today became the standard. Sterling silver is the perfect metal to host tea due to its natural properties that retain heat so well. Sterling silver teapots brew tea at a higher temperature than tea brewed in any other type of pot. Come visit Nelson & Nelson in New York City. Or feel free to browse our website to find the teapot of your dreams.

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Market-fresh Aesthetic sterling silver tea kettle on stand. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1910. Ovoid body with raised, flat, and hinged cover and stained-wood beehive finial. Swing scroll handle and s-scroll spout. Open stretchers on splayed supports mounted to raised and square base on scroll-mounted corner paw supports. Acid-etched stylized ornament with daisy chains and bunches, and beaded borders and rondels (vacant). Fully marked including maker’s stamp, pattern no. 8078B, and... Click for details

Sale Price: $4,550.00
Listed Price $6,500.00

Fabulous Japanese silver teapot, ca 1890. Globular with dragons on roiling waves. Dragon handle with talon mounts. Spout same with projecting talons “puncturing” the surface. Raised cover with dragon head finial. A dramatic vessel with fierce, scaly beasts to slay the conventions of tea party gentility. Marked Konoike, a Yokohama maker whose work is in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 7 x W 10 1/2 x D 5 1/2 in. Heavy weight: 31.5 troy ounces.... Click for details

Sale Price: $9,750.00
Listed Price $15,000.00

Chrysanthemum sterling silver hot water kettle on stand. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Kettle: Ovoid with tooled scrolls. Wavy rim applied with alternating flower-head and leaf pattern. Denser and less orderly bunches wrapped around s-scroll spout and sides of concave bracket stationery handle. Cover domed and side hinged with bud finial. Engraved armorial. Stand: Square with concave sides and flattened volute scroll corner supports with leaf and flower-head mounts. Open x-form sides... Click for details

Sale Price: $13,000.00
Listed Price $20,000.00

Dutch Neoclassical 875 silver teapot, 18th century. Globular body on short and inset straight foot. S-scroll spout with bead and flower cap. Cover has stained-wood finial and gadrooned rim and sits flush in mouth with raised ornamental border. Stained-wood and silver swing handle with gadrooned rim and strapwork mounts. Marks include Amsterdam city stamp. Good condition. Discreet patch (D 1 in.) Finial cracked.

Dimensions: H (with handle) 11 1/2 x W 7 1/2 x D 5 3/4 in. Gross weight: 31 troy... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,660.00
Listed Price $3,800.00

Fine Japanese silver and enamel saki pot, ca 1890. Ovoid body on raised and scalloped foot. Bamboo-style vertical spout; capped and high-looping handle same. Front and back have chased irises heightened with enamel in eddying water. Front further embellished with crane and blossoming branch. Cover domed; top double-walled and pierced with chrysanthemum flower heads of which some enameled, and ornamented enamel ball finial. Japanese marks and initials “V.M.” Very good condition.

Dimensions:... Click for details

Sale Price: $4,200.00
Listed Price $6,000.00

George III sterling silver tea urn. Made by Francis Butty & Nich Dumee in London in 1767. Ovoid bowl with leaf-mounted and beaded twisted side handles. Horizontal leaf-capped spout with leaf-mounted ornamental twist tap in stained wood. Cover domed with flame finial. Spool support mounted to wavy square base with claw-and-ball corner supports. Elegant Georgian Classicism in full working order for another century of at-home days. Fully marked. Good condition.

Dimensions: H 21 1/2 x W 11 1/2 x... Click for details

Sale Price: $4,550.00
Listed Price $6,500.00

Indian Colonial silver teapot, ca 1880. Quadrilateral and bombe with s-scroll spout and capped high-looping handle. Domed top with hinged cover and ornamental finial. Square inset foot. Kutch ornament comprising flowers and tendrils on stippled ground as well as acanthus and rinceaux borders. A beautiful synthesis of Western form and Eastern style. Very good condition and patina.

Dimensions: H 6 1/4 x W 8 1/4 x D 4 7/8 in. Weight: 22 troy ounces. #BV671

Sale Price: $1,295.00
Listed Price $1,850.00

Pair of Neoclassical-style gilt sterling silver tea urns. Each: Ovoid bowl on raised foot mounted to round base. Cover domed with knopped top terminating in bud finial. Swags and acanthus leaves as well as beading and leaf and dart. Fluted spout with carved leaf twist tap (one in black and one in white). Traditional vessels revved up with scaly and entwined snake handles. One marked “Sterling Silver” and the other marked “Sterling”. Very good condition with rich color.

Dimensions: H... Click for details

Sale Price: $5,600.00
Listed Price $8,000.00

George III sterling silver teapot. Made by Hester Bateman in London in 1789. Oval with convex sides with flutes and pilasters. Cover hinged and domed with green-tinted carved pineapple finial. Capped stained-wood handle. Diagonal and faceted spout. Two engraved wreath frames (of which one vacant, the other engraved with single-letter monogram) between pendant flower borders. Modish Neoclassical form and ornament. Fully marked. Condition: Handle has visible repair. Otherwise fine.

Dimensions:... Click for details

Sale Price: $3,850.00
Listed Price $5,500.00

French Art Deco 950 silver teapot, ca 1930. Faceted drum on round and stepped foot. Covered “fish mouth” v-spout. Wood scroll-bracket handle. Cover hinged and raised with round and stepped finial; finial top has silver circle engraved with block monogram. Immensely stylish and fully serviceable. Marked with Minerva head, and Jean E. Puiforcat and Emile Puiforcat stamps. Fine condition apart from minor chip to handle wood.

Dimensions: H 5 1/2 x W 9 1/2 x D 5 1/2 in. Gross weight: 25.5 troy... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,800.00
Listed Price $4,000.00

Georgian sterling silver chocolate pot. Made by Howard & Co. in New York in 1903. Baluster body on 3 scroll-mounted hoof supports. Turned and stained-wood handle. Cover hinged and raised with thumb-rest and hinged spout cap. Spout v-form and fluted. A substantial vessel with old English elegance. Fully marked including no. 170 and year. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 9 1/4 x W 11 x D 4 1/4 in. Heavy gross weight: 27 troy ounces. #BT521

Sale Price: $1,295.00
Listed Price $1,850.00

George III sterling silver teapot. Made by George Eadon & Co. in Sheffield in 1800. Ovoid with half fluting. Capped scroll handle in stained wood. S-scroll spout. Hinged cover with lobed dome and round stained-wood finial. Engraved heraldic cartouches (vacant). Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 6 3/8 x W 11 1/2 x D 4 in. Weight: 14 troy ounces. #BM345

Sale Price: $1,050.00
Listed Price $1,500.00