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Smart sterling silver desk box. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Rectangular with straight sides and sharp corners. Cover hinged and flat with molded rim. Incised wrap-around grid-style linear ornament that leaves plenty of room for engraving. Box interior cedar-lined and partitioned. Cover interior gilt. Hallmark includes pattern no. 22358X and director’s letter M (1947-56). Fine condition.

Dimensions: H 1 7/8 x W 9 3/8 x D 6 in. Gross weight: 31.6 troy ounces. #BN584

Listed Price $3,500.00

Pair of Art Deco sterling silver and enamel candlesticks. Made by Henry Matthews in Birmingham in 1930. Each: Column on domed foot. Blue guilloche enamel with wave pattern. Socket silver as is band at column base and foot rim with raised scrollwork. Underside black laminate. Snazzy & shimmering. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 5 7/8 x D 3 5/8 in. #BN440

Listed Price $2,250.00

Antique German 800 silver snuffbox, ca 1900. Cartouche with hinged cover. Chased and repousse scrollwork. On cover is Classical scene with a man presenting a sacrificed animal’s head to a woman. Gilt interior. This piece in style of 1740s. Hallmarked. Very good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 1 x W 3 3/8 x D 2 3/4 in. Weight: 3.5 troy ounces. #BQ184

Listed Price $495.00

American Art Nouveau sterling silver and horn corkscrew. Horn handle has sterling silver mounts with swirling scrolls, beading, and foliage. Easy grip size and texture. Hallmarked “Sterling”. Condition: Crack to horn underside. Otherwise good and in full working order.

Dimensions: H 4 3/4 x W 6 x D 7/8 in. #BQ108

Listed Price $895.00

Large hand-hammered silver amphora vase. Made by Corradini in Bologna. Traditional form with alternating wide and narrow lobes on body and foot. Faceted neck with scalloped rim. Leaf-mounted volute scroll side handles and corner supports. Bold classicism with a nice shimmer. Italian and English-style marks. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 16 1/4 x W 11 x D 9 in. Heavy weight: 90 troy ounces. #BQ253

Listed Price $6,500.00

George V sterling silver and enamel frame. Made by Henry Matthews in Birmingham in 1926. Rectangular window and wavy cobalt enamel surround. Arched top with silver circle (vacant) and ornamental rim on reeded ground. With glass, cloth lining, and stained-wood back and hinged support. Hallmarked. Good condition.

Dimensions: Frame: H 6 1/8 x W 4 1/8 in. Window: H 4 3/4 x W 3 in. #BN547

Listed Price $1,100.00

Sweet sterling silver porringer. Made by Webster in North Attleboro, ca 1940. Curved bowl and open tree handle. Bowl well has raised center with rabbit eating a bowl of porridge. A self-referencing design with cute pointy ears and voluminous napkin bib. Hallmark includes no. 19837. Very good condition with nice definition.

Dimensions: H 1.5 x W 6 x D 4 1/4 in. Weight: 2.7 troy ounces. #BP589

Listed Price $275.00

Smart and Modern sterling silver desk box. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Rectangular with straight sides. Cover is hinged and has molded rim. Box interior cedar lined. Cover interior lightly gilt. Hallmark includes pattern no. 22354 and director’s letter M (1947-56). Very good condition with crisp corners.

Dimensions: H 1 5/8 x W 5 7/8 x D 3 1/2 in. Gross weight: 13 troy ounces. #BN620

Listed Price $1,450.00

Midcentury Modern sterling silver bowl. Made by Georg Jensen in Copenhagen. Round and shallow with plain well radiating flutes. Postwar hallmark includes designer’s stamp Sigvard Bernadotte and no. 856A. Very good condition with nice patina.

Dimensions: H 2 7/8 x D 8 7/8 in. Weight: 15 troy ounces. #BN510

Listed Price $3,000.00

Sterling silver baby cup. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1875. Straight sides and scrolled bracket handle. On front is engraved fruiting berry branch with lush bunches. Back vacant. Hallmark includes pattern no. 4104 (first produced in 1875) and director’s letter M (1873-91). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3 1/8 x W 4 x D 2 1/2 in. Weight: 4.3 troy ounces. #BN618

Listed Price $750.00

Elizabeth II sterling silver picture frame. Made by Richard Comyns in Sheffield in 1988. Rectangular window and wavy strapwork surround. A smart updating of a traditional motif. With glass, silk lining, and velvet back and hinged support. For vertical display. Hallmarked. Condition: Silver very good. Visible velvet wear.

Dimensions: Frame: H 10 x W 8 1/4 in. Window: H 6 3/4 x W 4 3/4 in. #BQ348

Listed Price $300.00

George VI sterling silver salver. Made in London in 1946. Circular with molded curvilinear piecrust rim and 3 hoof supports. Worn maker’s mark (possibly Israel Freeman). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 x W 7 1/4 x D 7 in. Weight: 10 troy ounces. #BQ407

Listed Price $795.00
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