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Tiffany Sterling Silver Footed Bowl C 1912

Sterling silver footed bowl. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca. 1912. Curved sides, flared rim, stepped foot, and incised linear bands. The pattern (no. 18203) was first produced in 1912. Hallmark includes director's letter m (1907-47). Hallmarked. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 3 x D 5 ¾ in. Weight: 8.5 troy ounces. BO207

Listed Price $695.00
Odiot Compiegne Sumptuous Silver Flatware Service - 140 Pieces

Sumptuous 950 silver flatware set in Compiegne pattern. Made by Odiot in France. This service comprises 140 pieces. There are 10 pieces in each category: Knives: dinner knife (10 3/8 in.), steak knife (9 ¼ in.), fish knife (8 7/8 in.), butter spreader (5 7/8 in.), and dessert knife (8 5/8 in.); Forks: dinner fork (8 5/8 in.), luncheon fork (7 ¾ in.), fish fork (7 5/8 in.), and dessert fork (7 ¾ in.); Spoons: tablespoon (7 3/4 in.), teaspoon (5 7/8 in.), gravy spoon (7 3/4 in.), dessert... Click for details

Listed Price $35,000.00
Victorian Sterling Silver & Enamel Cigarette Case with Carriage 1898

Victorian sterling silver and enamel cigarette case. Made by Samson Mordan & Co. in London in 1898. Rectangular with curved corners, gilt interior, and hinged cover. On cover, two gentlemen in a harnessed carriage (possibly a phaeton) wait before a pavilion. The men wear bowlers and the carriage has smart red wheels. A wonderful period piece. Hallmarked. Excellent condition with strong color.

Dimensions: H 4 1/4 x W 3 1/2 in. Weight: 6 troy ounces. BO164

Listed Price $4,250.00
Coaching Days Cigarette Case - English Sterling Silver and Enamel 1888

Victorian sterling silver and enamel cigarette case. Made by George Heath in London in 1888. Rectangular with curved corners, gilt interior, and hinged and tabbed cover. On cover, a coach-and-four journey along a country road. First-rate depiction of prancing horses and lush greenery. Historic script presentation engraved on back. Hallmarked. Excellent condition with strong color. Dimensions: H 3 1/4 x W 2 5/8 in. Weight: 3.1 troy ounces. BO181

Antique Horse Racing Cigarette Case - German Silver and Enamel

Antique German 935 silver and enamel cigarette case. Squarish with curved corners and gilt interior. On cover, it's a race to the finish with a determined outsider catching up to the front runner. A fine depiction of the horses' straining bodies and flying tufts. A beautiful addition to an equestrian collection. Hallmarked. Excellent condition with strong color.

Dimensions: H 3 5/8 x W 3 7/8 in. Weight: 4.6 troy ounces. BO165

Listed Price $3,950.00
Reed & Barton Windsor Sterling Silver Tray - Large Cartouche

Large sterling silver serving tray in Windsor pattern. Made by Reed & Barton in Taunton, Mass. Rectilinear cartouche with flat and stepped rim. Hallmark includes pattern name and no. X959. Excellent condition. Dimensions: H 18 1/2 x W 12 3/4 in. Weight: 49 troy ounces. BM353

Listed Price $2,450.00
Small Sterling Silver Revere Bowl by Georg Jensen USA

Sterling silver revere bowl. Made by Georg Jensen Inc. USA in New York. A small version of the historic form with curved sides, flared rim, and stepped foot. Hallmark includes no. 388 and phrase "P. Revere Reproduction." Very nice condition. Dimensions: 2 1/2 x D 4 1/4 in. Weight: 3.5 troy ounces. BO205

Listed Price $350.00
Beautiful Bovine - Dutch Silver Cow Creamer 1914

Dutch 833 silver cow creamer. A sturdy bovine with firmly planted hoofs and ring handle in form of flicked back tail. Prominent horns contrast with sweet, perky ears. Glass eyes, gaping mouth, and well defined nostrils. Hinged back cover has insect finial. An endearing addition to the breakfast table. Hallmark includes date letter (1914). Excellent condition. Dimensions: H 4 x W 5 1/8 x D 2 in. Weight: 5 troy ounces. BO230 BO230 SAZ $1500

Listed Price $1,500.00
Tiffany Sterling Silver and Glass Appetizer Dish C 1927

Sterling silver and clear glass appetizer dish. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca. 1927. Oval bowl fitted with 2 glass liners. Gallery has pierced and stylized foliage. Rest on 4 squashed bun supports. The pattern (no. 20863L) was first produced in 1927. Hallmark includes director's letter m (1907-47). Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 1 1/2 x W 7 1/2 x D 6 in. Weight (silver only): 10.5 troy ounces. BM326

Listed Price $850.00
Antique Tiffany Sterling Silver Creamer

Sterling silver creamer. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Curved sides, helmet mouth, and s-scroll handle with leaf cap and mount. Low-relief bands of volute scrolls alternating with palmettes. Incised vertical slashes. Four paw suppots with foliate mounts. The pattern (no. 9579) was first produced in 1887. Hallmark includes director's letter T (1892-1902). Excellent condition with fine definition and patina.

Dimensions: H 4 1/2 x W 6 x D 3 in. Weight: 9 troy ounces. BO219

Listed Price $995.00
Antique Silver Footed Bowl - Baltimore Style Floral Repousse C 1850

Antique silver footed bowl, ca. 1850. Curved sides, short concave neck, and flat rim. Raised foot and concave stem. Dense floral repousse on bowl. Leaf-and-dart ornament on foot. Two cartouches (one vacant, the other with historic script monogram). Apparently unmarked - though very much in the Baltimore traditon.

Dimensions: H 6 1/4 x D 5 3/4 in. Weight: 14.5 troy ounces. BM293

Listed Price $750.00
Reed & Barton Francis I Bowl - Great for Appetizer Picks

Sterling silver bowl in Francis I pattern. Made by Reed & Barton in Taunton, Mass. in 1952. Plain baluster body and sumptuous turned-down rim in the classic pattern. Perfect for appetizer picks. Hallmark includes pattern name and no. X57 and date symbol.

Dimensions: H 2 1/4 x D 3 1/2 in. Weight: 2.5 troy ounces. BO247

Listed Price $200.00
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