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Victorian sterling silver bread basket. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1884. Solid oval well and swooping rim. Sides pierced: Colonnade bisected with guilloche band and surmounted by fluid scrollwork and flowers heightened with engraving. Open scrolled end handles. Rim and base beaded. Hallmark includes pattern no. 7853 (first produced in 1884) and director’s letter M (1873-1891). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3 3/4 x W 12 1/2 x D 7 5/8 in. Weight: 17.8 troy ounces. #BN622

Listed Price $2,350.00

Traditional sterling silver Revere bowl. Made by Gorham in Providence in 1948. Curved with flared rim and stepped foot. A historic form that can suit many modern uses. Hallmark includes date code, no. 41659, and phrase “P. Revere Reproduction”. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 1/4 x D 7 3/8 in. Weight: 18 troy ounces. #BP819

Listed Price $995.00

Set of 6 sterling silver nut dishes. Made by S. Kirk & Son in Baltimore. Each: Plain oval well and tapering sides. Scrolled scalloped rim with repousse floral garland on stippled ground. Hallmark (1932-61) includes no. 142. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 x W 4 5/8 x D 3 1/4 in. Total weight: 10 troy ounces. #BQ326

Listed Price $650.00

Gilt and enameled sterling silver flowerpot. Made by Gorham in Providence. A pretty novelty in form of gilt-stemmed violets with shaded purple petals and green leaves planted in a gilt pot. Hallmarked. Very good condition with minor wear and rubbing.

Dimensions: H 6 x W 3 1/4 x D 2 1/8 in. #BN600

Listed Price $950.00

Edwardian sterling silver trophy cup. Made by Searle & Co. in London in 1904. Classic girdled urn with molded flared rim, stepped foot and leaf-capped double-scroll side handles. A beautiful prize with lots of room for engraving. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Large dimensions: H 10 x W 13 1/8 x D 8 1/4 in. Heavy weight: 51 troy ounces. #BQ134

Listed Price $5,000.00

Sterling silver children of the world porringer. Made by Kerr in Newark, ca. 1910. Slightly upward tapering sides, molded rim, and solid waisted handle. On exterior is acid-etched frieze of children riding animals, including a horse, reindeer, bear, and giraffe with the nationality or ethnicity in relief at bottom. Sweet and humorous. Hallmark includes model no. 1483 and retailer’s stamp Bailey, Banks & Biddle. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 5/8 x W 6 1/4 x D 4 3/8 in. Weight: 5.6 troy... Click for details

Listed Price $650.00

Edwardian sterling silver water pitcher with horn handle. Made by Shreve & Co. in San Francisco. Globular with drum-form neck, discreet lip spout, and silver mounts inset with tactile and irregular antler handle. Big game aesthetic. Hallmark includes no. 16 and volume (4 pts). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 7 3/8 x W 8 1/2 x D 5 1/2 in. Gross weight: 18.3 troy ounces. #BN621

Listed Price $2,450.00

Modern sterling silver cocktail shaker. Retailed by Freeman of London in New York. Girdled cylinder with curved spout, repousse bands, s-scroll handle, and spread and raised foot. Cover domed with built-in strainer. Silo-form for industrial strength concoctions. Hallmark includes no. 130. Good condition – in full working order.

Dimensions: H 11 1/4 x W 7 x D 5 5/8 in. Weight: 28.6 troy ounces. #BN520

Listed Price $2,450.00

Set of 4 Classical sterling silver open salts. Each: A barrel with staves and hoops is supported by cast figure of Bacchus. A fetching youth with wide crouching stance and grapevine-encircled pelvis thrust against barrel. Stylish and provocative from the 3rd quarter of the 19th century. Hallmarked “English Sterling”, which was a phrase used on the wares of New York retailer Ball, Black & Co., who was active ca 1851-76. Hallmark includes no. 435. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 4 7/8... Click for details

Listed Price $9,500.00

George VI sterling silver jewelry box. Made by Walker & Hall in Sheffield in 1939. Square with straight sides and 4 pilaster supports terminating in volute scrolls. Cover hinged with allover engine-turned ornament. Raised central strip has skyscraper ornament. Box and cover interior velvet lined. Underside laminate-lined. Small and snazzy. Hallmark includes design no. 818779 registered in 1937. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 2 1/4 x W 3 3/8 x D 3 in. Gross weight: 8.3 troy ounces.... Click for details

Listed Price $995.00

Neoclassical sterling silver desk box. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1913. Rectangular with curved and hinged cover. Raised ornament including garlands, dentil, and paterae on sides and cover. On cover is central oval cartouche (vacant). Box interior wood-lined. Cover interior gilt. Hallmark includes pattern no. 18496A (first produced in 1913) and director's letter m (1907-47). Very good definition.

Dimensions: H 2 x W 9 1/2 x D 5 7/8 in. Gross weight: 26 troy ounces. #BN543

Listed Price $4,000.00

Pretty sterling silver and glass inkwell. Made by Shiebler in New York, ca 1900. Square clear glass with twisted flutes. Star cut to underside. Short neck with sterling silver collar and hinged bun cover. Pretty chased and repousse flowers on cover. Hallmarked Shiebler and Howard & Co., also in New York. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 3/4 x W 3 1/2 x D 3 1/2 in. #BN504

Listed Price $995.00
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