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Sterling Holloware: Figural Silver

Sterling Holloware: Figural Silver (15)

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Cast military figurine of Scottish Highlander in full stride. He wears kilt, cape, and bearskin hat, and holds a staff. Plinth mount with script inscription and 1745, the year of the Jacobite Rising lead by the Young Pretender. A great gift for someone still stewing over the Hanoverian succession. Italian hallmark (1968 to present) for IMA di Guerci & C in Alessandria. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 5 1/2 x W 2 7/8 x D 2 1/4 in. Weight: 12.3 troy ounces. #BN699

Sale Price: $665.00
Listed Price $950.00

Antique Chinese silver gilt bird figure, early 20th century. A crane with s-scroll neck and long pointed bill and round body stands on spindly legs and talon feet mounted to wood base. Applied wings with imbricated fans and feathers. Tail feathers black enamel with white stripe heightened with gilt. A beautiful bird embellished with cabochon cut turquoise and coral. Marked “Silver” under tail. Very good condition.

Overall dimensions (with base): H 9 1/2 x W 2 3/4 x D 5 in. #BN648

Sale Price: $1,365.00
Listed Price $1,950.00

Antique German Rococo 800 silver carriage. Cupid (Love) is in the driver’s seat but struggles to control the reins of a harnessed goat. A frisky metaphor expertly detailed in the goat’s bowed head and twisting horns, and Cupid’s bare bottom and dangling calves. A fantasy vehicle in the spirit of the 18th century. Wheels rotate. A fun ornament to drive around the table after a few drinks. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 5 1/4 x L 10 x W 2 7/8 in. Weight: 15.8 troy ounces.... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,450.00
Listed Price $3,500.00

Antique German 800 silver sleigh. Ovoid with floral and diaper ornament and hunt scenes with spear-bearing men and side-saddled ladies accompanied by yapping, nipping hounds. Runners have bird’s head and applied flowers. The vehicle is piloted by a winged cherub, seated on a rising volute scroll. He manages the reins with one hand, and with the other holds on to the scant drapery - his only protection against the cold. The sleigh is harnessed to a reindeer, a majestic beast with formidable... Click for details

Sale Price: $24,700.00
Listed Price $38,000.00

Antique German 800 silver love chariot. The vehicle is decorated with cherubic Neptunes astride dolphins. It has a scalloped rim and rising wave-form volute scroll on which is mounted an infant postilion with trident and whip (!). It is harnessed to a winged Cupid who stands ready to run. Hallmarked. Very good condition with deep patina. Wheels rotate despite axle soldering. Arrival guaranteed!

Dimensions: H (with whip) 8 1/4 x W 4 1/4 x D 8 1/2 in. Weight: 11.5 troy ounces. #BQ174

Sale Price: $1,750.00
Listed Price $2,500.00

Antique sterling silver horse-drawn brougham. Small and closed with windows. A snug vehicle that awaits a coachman. Harnessed to a ready-to-trot horse. Wheels rotate and front axis turns. Hallmarked “sterling” and “Made in Italy”. Very good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 2 3/8 x W 1 5/8 x D 6 1/2 in. Weight: 6.4 troy ounces. #BQ318

Sale Price: $696.50
Listed Price $995.00

Pair of sterling silver peacocks. Made by Durgin (part of Gorham) in Providence, ca 1920. Each: Upright body, erect head, and downed tail. Realistic feathers, talons, crown, and beak. Tail hollowed - perfect for holding treats. Hallmark includes Durgin and Gorham stamps and no. 3. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 1/4 x W 5 3/8 x D 9 3/4 in. Total weight: 16 troy ounces. #BN214

Sale Price: $1,750.00
Listed Price $2,500.00

Antique German 800 silver figural box, ca 1910. A crouched chimp extends a paw (hand?) in greeting. Realistic fur, tensile hind feet, and funny oversized ears. A desirable desk companion for philosophical reflections – serious monkey business. Detachable head. Hallmarked. Very good condition with rich patina.

Dimensions: H 5 5/8 x W 3 3/8 x D 4 3/4 in. Weight: 13 troy ounces. #BN530

Sale Price: $4,550.00
Listed Price $6,500.00

Sterling silver dog-form salt and pepper shakers. Made by Dominick & Haff in New York in 1881. Each: cast figure of stocky seated pup with stiff forelegs and curlicue tail. Flat face with exophthalmic eyes and short snout. Head pierced and detachable. Very sweet and very desirable. Hallmarked. One hallmark includes year. Great condition.

Dimensions: H 2 1/8 x W 7/8 x D 1 3/8 in. Total weight: 2.8 troy ounces. #BQ191

Sale Price: $1,575.00
Listed Price $2,250.00

German sterling silver lady’s riding boot. Imported by Berthold Muller to Chester in 1906. Plain and solid sole, heel, and topline. Body has Renaissance lady riding sidesaddle and huntsman with falcon perched on wrist as well as pierced and naturalistic flowers and leaves. Front is “laced” and has “tied bow.” Spur rotates. A great gift for a horse or fashion collector. Hallmarked. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 6 3/4 x W 10 x D 2 2/3 in. Weight: 14 troy ounces. BL636

Sale Price: $3,150.00
Listed Price $4,500.00

German sterling silver three-mast ship. Imported to Chester, England by Berthold Muller in 1903. A very large model of an old three-mast warship in battle. Sailors wield weapons, climb rigging, and fall in agony. The gun ports are open. The captain is at the helm.

A wonderful model from the mermaid figurehead to the dolphin rudder. Sails are “stitched” and the hand-hammering suggests billowing wind. Ships and decks are made of “planks.” Interior of captain’s cabin has shadows... Click for details

Sale Price: Sold

Pair of German 800 silver swans, ca. 1900. Each: Ovoid and hollow body with, vertical tail feathers, and curved and tapering neck terminating in pointed bill. Fun table ornaments. Can be filled with treats. Wings are hinged for dramatic display.

Diminutive dimensions: H 3 ¼ x W 2 ¼ x D 4 ¾ in. Total weight: 6.7 troy ounces. BL162

Sale Price: $696.50
Listed Price $995.00
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