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Victorian sterling silver baby cup. Made by Thomas, Walter & Henry Holland in London in 1896. Curved bottom, stepped foot, and leaf-capped double-scroll handle. Molded rim and applied band. Vertical strapwork with flowers and scrolls on stippled ground applied at bottom. A controlled design that leaves plenty of room for engraving. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3 5/8 x W 4 3/8 x D 2 7/8 in. Weight: 5.7 troy ounces. #BN500

Listed Price $695.00

Victorian sterling silver bowl. Made by William Gibson & John Langman in London in 1888. Plain and ovalish well, tapering sides, and irregular rim. Dense repousse ornament heightened with engraving: Traditional floral ornament embedded with big bold blooms and fluid, interlaced tendril scrolls in the advanced Aesthetic style. Hallmarked. Very good condition with nice period patina.

Dimensions: H 1 1/4 x W 8 7/8 x D 6 7/8 in. Weight: 6 troy ounces. #BP878

Listed Price $495.00

Art Deco sterling silver and enamel jewelry box. Made by Henry Clifford Davis in Birmingham in 1921. Oval with straight sides and 4 graceful fleur de lys supports. Cover flat and hinged with scrolled tab. Cover top has central silver disc (vacant) surrounded by concentric engine-turned weave pattern. Box and cover interior lined with pink velvet. Box underside leather lined. Hallmarked. Very good condition with strong and intact color and nice shimmer.

Dimensions: H 2 3/8 x W 5 1/4 x D 3 7/8... Click for details

Listed Price $1,400.00

Art Deco sterling silver postage stamp box. Made by Reed & Barton in Taunton, Mass. Fluid rectangle with spread base and curved hinged cover. Interior gilt and partitioned. Hallmark includes pattern no. N821. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 3/8 x W 3 7/8 x D 2 1/4 in. Weight: 3.4 troy ounces. #BN531

Listed Price $425.00

Victorian sterling silver box. Made by William Comyns & Sons in London in 1899. Rectangular with soft round corners and hinged and curved cover. Box interior lined with stained wood. Cover interior gilt. Underside leather-lined. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Large dimensions: H 3 3/8 x W 10 x D 6 in. #BN541

Listed Price $4,000.00

Pair of sterling silver mint julep cups. Made by Frank W. Smith in Gardner. Mass. Straight and tapering sides and molded rim. Nice barware by this maker, who was active until the late 1950s. Hallmark includes no. G106. Good condition.

Dimensions: H 3 5/8 x D 3 in. Total weight: 5.4 troy ounces. #BN528

Listed Price $695.00

Full-bodied sterling silver water pitcher. Made by Reed & Barton in Taunton, in 1945, for Cartier in New York. Curved and tapering body on raised foot, capped s-scroll handle, and helmet mouth. Fully hallmarked including retailer’s and maker’s stamps as well as maker’s date symbol and no. X765. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 8 3/4 x W 9 1/2 x D 5 3/4 in. Weight: 23.4 troy ounces. #BN519

Listed Price $2,000.00

Antique Indian silver bowl, ca 1900. Curved sides with low-relief hunt and farm frieze on stippled ground. An incongruous landscape of palm trees and mountains is populated with a spear bearer, archer, axeman, plowman, and mahout. Underside has stippled concentric rings. Bowl rests on 4 scaly and coiled cobra supports terminating in sinister serpent heads. Charming Raj-era pastoral with a hint of venom. Unmarked. Nice condition and patina.

Dimensions: H 5 1/4 x D 11 1/2 in. Weight: 39 troy... Click for details


Fancy coin silver teapot. Made by R & W Wilson in Philadelphia, ca 1840. Baluster body with lobed top, leaf-mounted branch bracket handle and scrolled-vertical spout, and lobed, domed, and hinged cover with scalloped rim. Leaf and flower ornament chased, engraved, and applied. Two scrolled frames (one vacant, the other engraved with interlaced script monogram). Cast exotic finial in form of seated Chinaman with bird. Hallmarked. Good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 10 x W 8 7/8 x... Click for details

Listed Price $2,000.00

Egyptian 900 silver tray. Circular well with vacant center and engraved and stippled leaf-and-dart rings. Same on petal-scalloped rim with tooled leaves. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 x D 14 5/8 in. Weight: 20.5 troy ounces. #BQ233

Listed Price $1,295.00

Art Nouveau sterling silver baby cup. Made by George R. Unite in Birmingham in 1905. Discreet baluster with flared rim, reeded and scrolled bracket handle, and short foot. Interlacing and whiplash flowers and tendrils forming 2 frames (vacant). An advanced design that captures springtime freshness. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3 1/4 x W 3 7/8 x D 2 3/4 in. Weight: 3.2 troy ounces. #BN548

Listed Price $695.00

American Art Nouveau sterling silver baby cup. Straight sides and s-scroll handle. Applied flowering branch wraps around base: repeating pattern with pansy-style flower joined by scrolled stems. Fresh and pretty with plenty of room for engraving. Hallmarked Hartford Sterling Co., a Philadelphia maker active from ca 1900-1924. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3 1/8 x W 4 1/4 x D 2 7/8 in. Weight: 4.2 troy ounces. #BN549

Listed Price $695.00
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