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Striking Modern sterling silver picture frame. Made by Thomae in Attleboro, Mass. Rectangular window surrounded by flat wide border with round corners. With glass and black laminate back and hinged support for portrait (vertical) display. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: Frame: H 5 5/8 x W 4 1/4 in. Window: H 3 7/8 x W 2 5/8 in. #BQ413

Sale Price: $245.00
Listed Price $350.00

Pair of sterling silver peacocks. Made by Durgin (part of Gorham) in Providence, ca 1920. Each: Upright body, erect head, and downed tail. Realistic feathers, talons, crown, and beak. Tail hollowed - perfect for holding treats. Hallmark includes Durgin and Gorham stamps and no. 3. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 1/4 x W 5 3/8 x D 9 3/4 in. Total weight: 16 troy ounces. #BN214

Sale Price: $1,750.00
Listed Price $2,500.00

Small and sumptuous sterling silver bowl. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Circular plain well, tapering and lobed sides, and wavy rim. Sides interior have scrolled frames with pierced diaper pattern and flowers. Rim has c-scrolls, scallop shells, and flowers. Rests on 4 leaf-capped and scrolled supports. Hallmark includes pattern no. 10996 and director’s letter T (1892-1902). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 7/8 x D 5 1/2 in. Weight: 5.7 troy ounces. #BQ254

Sale Price: $420.00
Listed Price $600.00

Regency Revival sterling silver tea set. Made by Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh in 1923. This set comprises teapot, creamer, and sugar.

All: Curved and tapering sides on raised foot. Gardrooned rim. Shallow and shimmering half fluting. Capped high-looping handles with scaly snake mounts (top mount split). Teapot handle stained wood. Teapot has hinged cover with stained-wood finial mounted to raised and fluted center. Charming old-style forms. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions:... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,275.00
Listed Price $3,250.00

Set of 4 novelty sterling silver ashtrays. Each in form of a playing card suit terminating in single cigarette cradle. All suits represented: Diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades. Interlaced script monogram engraved in well. A fabulous find by turn-of-the-century Newark maker Unger Bros. Hallmarked. Very good condition.

Dimensions (each approx.): H 1/4 x W 2 1/8 x D 4 1/4 in. Total weight: 7 troy ounces. #BQ301

Sale Price: $315.00
Listed Price $450.00

Victorian sterling silver covered trophy. Made by Charles Stuart Harris in London in 1899. Girdled urn with leaf-capped sides handles and stepped and domed foot. Domed cover with vase finial. The classic form supersized. A monumental cup that will last for generations with enough room to engrave the names of winners unborn. Hallmarked. Fine condition.

Dimensions: H 24 x W 21.5 x D 12 7/8 in. Heavy weight: 198 troy ounces. #BN636

Sale Price: $16,250.00
Listed Price $25,000.00

Edwardian glass and sterling silver picture frame. Made by TG Hawkes in Corning, New York. Rectangular window has fluted sterling silver border set in glass surround. Glass has vertical reeded stripes alternating with diaper-patterned stripes as well as 4 oval frames with acid-etched flower baskets, cornucopia, and fruits. Glass has flat sterling silver border. Fleurs-de-lys applied at corners. For portrait (vertical) display. With glass and silk-lined back and hinged support. Hallmarked... Click for details

Sale Price: $1,750.00
Listed Price $2,500.00

Pair of Art Deco sterling silver and enamel napkin rings. Made by Joseph Gloster Ltd in Birmingham in 1936. Each: Straight sides and bombe front and back. Front has radiating engine-turned blue enamel with graduated scalloped waves. Sides and back engine-turned. Back has rectangular tablet (vacant). Hallmarked. Very good condition with rich patina. Dimensions: H 1 1/4 x W 2 x D 1 1/8 in. Total gross weight: 2.4 troy ounces.

In leather-bound case with silk lining and fitted velvet. Box... Click for details

Sale Price: $665.00
Listed Price $950.00

Antique German 800 silver snuffbox, ca 1900. Cartouche with hinged cover. Chased and repousse scrollwork. On cover is Classical scene with a man presenting a sacrificed animal’s head to a woman. Gilt interior. This piece in style of 1740s. Hallmarked. Very good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 1 x W 3 3/8 x D 2 3/4 in. Weight: 3.5 troy ounces. #BQ184

Sale Price: $346.50
Listed Price $495.00

American Art Nouveau sterling silver and horn corkscrew. Horn handle has sterling silver mounts with swirling scrolls, beading, and foliage. Easy grip size and texture. Hallmarked “Sterling”. Condition: Crack to horn underside. Otherwise good and in full working order.

Dimensions: H 4 3/4 x W 6 x D 7/8 in. #BQ108

Sale Price: $626.50
Listed Price $895.00

Large hand-hammered silver amphora vase. Made by Corradini in Bologna. Traditional form with alternating wide and narrow lobes on body and foot. Faceted neck with scalloped rim. Leaf-mounted volute scroll side handles and corner supports. Bold classicism with a nice shimmer. Italian and English-style marks. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 16 1/4 x W 11 x D 9 in. Heavy weight: 90 troy ounces. #BQ253

Sale Price: $4,550.00
Listed Price $6,500.00

Sweet sterling silver porringer. Made by Webster in North Attleboro, ca 1940. Curved bowl and open tree handle. Bowl well has raised center with rabbit eating a bowl of porridge. A self-referencing design with cute pointy ears and voluminous napkin bib. Hallmark includes no. 19837. Very good condition with nice definition.

Dimensions: H 1.5 x W 6 x D 4 1/4 in. Weight: 2.7 troy ounces. #BP589

Sale Price: $192.50
Listed Price $275.00
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