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The History of Silver Salver Trays

February 17, 2021 12:32 pm

The History of Silver Salver Trays

Silver salvers are rich in history. These products have been around for centuries, and they were even used by royalty at some point. Read more about the history of silver salver trays to determine if there’s a hidden treasure in your family’s legacy.

16th & 17th Centuries

People used silver salvers during the 16th century to keep royals from being poisoned. Yes, you read that right. Helpers would place food and drinks on a regular tray and taste them. If they weren’t poisoned, they would then place these items on a silver salver, meaning that royalty could digest them. Isn’t it crazy to think that some workers lost their lives testing out certain items?

18th & 19th Centuries

In the 18th and 19th centuries, salvers were used to indicate people’s wealth. The more intricate the designs were, the more money a person had. The same sentiment is still true today. As long as these items are still in mint condition, they could be worth a pretty penny. It’s also worth noting that certain sports tournaments used silver salvers as a trophy. For example, during the 19th century, tennis began awarding silver salvers to those who won championships. More recently, the second-place winner of the Masters Tournament receives a silver salver.

20th & 21st Centuries

Nowadays, silver salvers are still used to point out a person’s wealth. However, during recent times, these items have also been used to cement a family’s legacy. Some people pass them down as heirlooms between generations, using them as a way to form intergenerational bonds. Anyone thinking of selling a silver salver needs to think about putting their family’s legacy at risk before doing so.

No one should underestimate the history of silver salver trays. Here at Nelson and Nelson Antiques, we have solid silver salvers for sale. So, anyone who wants to create a family legacy should check out our collection today. Our items are intricate and will catch everyone’s eyes the minute they see them.

What To Consider Before Selling Antique Silver

February 17, 2021 12:30 pm

What To Consider Before Selling Antique Silver

Not every heirloom you inherit is worth keeping. Sometimes, the collection just gets so big you have to get rid of some things. Luckily, you can sell antique silver for a pretty penny. However, you need to think about a few factors before you do so. Here’s what to consider before selling antique silver so that you don’t make any silly mistakes.

What Condition Is It in?

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when selling antique silver is the condition it’s in. You must take care of the items in your possession if you want them to be worth anything. Here are a few tips to follow when caring for your antique silver:

  • Never use harsh chemicals that may tarnish the items, as this could decrease their value.
  • Only use paste polish and gentle microfiber towels when cleaning the items to avoid any scratches or markings.
  • Store the objects in a safe space away from other items that could damage them.

Any Markings?

If you’re wondering what to consider before selling antique silver, you should know about silver markings. A previous blog post discussed these markings. Artisans used these special markings on their creations to differentiate them from others on the market. Some of these markings would commemorate nationalism or the date the object was created. Depending on how unique the marking is, your antique silver may be worth more money.

Of course, you need to do your research before selling your silver. Only sell it to reputable dealers that will give you the money you deserve. For example, we buy sterling silver at Nelson and Nelson Antiques. We understand that it may be hard to let go of your family heirloom. We’ll be transparent with you throughout the entire process so that it’s a beneficial interaction for you. The next time you want to sell an antique silver item in your collection, contact us.

How To Tell the Difference Between Silver and Silver-Plate

February 17, 2021 12:27 pm

How To Tell the Difference Between Silver and Silver-Plate

Many people have started collecting silver since the pandemic began. The hobby is time-consuming yet fun because there’s nothing like finding a piece you’ve been searching for forever. However, novice collectors must be aware of a few things that trip beginners up. For example, they should know how to tell the difference between silver and silver-plated objects, so their collection is as authentic as possible.

The Overall Look

Pure silver looks shinier and more refined than silver-plated items—the reason being is that silver-plated objects have another metal underneath. Silver-plated means that a layer of silver has been placed on another metal. For this reason, the other metal (mainly copper) will shine through when the piece beings to tarnish. It won’t look as refined as real silver.

What’s More Valuable?

Real or sterling silver is more valuable than silver-plated objects because the percentage of silver is higher in these items. Sterling silver items often have markings on them, saying 92.5. 92.5 means that the piece is 92.5% silver and 7.5% another metal alloy. Silver-plated items, on the other hand, are almost completely another metal alloy altogether. Consequently, they aren’t worth as much as the real deal.

This article has explained how to tell the difference between silver and silver-plated collectibles. If you’re still unsure about the quality of the objects in your possession, bring them to Nelson and Nelson Antiques today. Not only will we be able to tell you what your items are worth, but we also sell antique silver that you can add to your collection. We have items such as beautiful hollowware and silver overlay that’ll catch peoples’ eyes any time they want to take a look at your collectibles. Remember—keep the objects in mint condition so that they’re worth a pretty penny if you decide to sell in the future.

What Is Silver Overlay: Everything You Need To Know

January 26, 2021 11:56 am

What Is Silver Overlay: Everything You Need To Know

All silver is beautiful. However, the quality of a silver piece can change depending on how the item was made. For example, one type of silver is silver overlay. This article answers the question, “What is silver overlay?” and describes everything you need to know about it. This type of silver is beautiful and will make a great addition to any collection.

What Is Silver Overlay?

Silver overlay is electroplated silver that’s been placed on another material, such as glass. From there, artisans paint over the silver to further outline the piece’s details. Now, the quality of the silver will determine how bold the colors appear. For example, sterling silver overlay won’t look as bright as pure silver since it’s only 92.5 percent silver. Fine silver, on the other hand, will be vibrant in color.

Why Choose Silver Overlay?

One of the primary reasons people invest in silver overlay items is that they show more details than traditional silver. Since the process involves thickening the metal, more intricacies show up on the artifacts. American artisans tend to use brighter paint colors such as red and green on their pieces. Other areas of the world prefer more opaque colorings that might blend in with other pieces in your collection.

Silver overlay is also a good investment. One reason why these products are so valuable is because of their uniqueness. Not many silver antiques are as vibrant in color as silver overlay. As a result, these items tend to be worth a pretty penny.

Anyone in the market for these types of artifacts should check out Nelson and Nelson Antiques today. We have perfume bottles and vases from the nineteenth century. These objects are unique because, unlike other items, colors shine from underneath the silver. So, they’ll stand out from any other piece in your china cabinet.

What To Add To Your Antique Silver Collection

January 10, 2021 7:00 pm

What To Add To Your Antique Silver Collection

Antique silver collections are something to behold. If you have one, then you know how it feels when people marvel at your artifacts. This article will discuss what to add to your antique silver collection. Perhaps there’s a beautiful object at a dealer that you may have missed.


A previous blog post examined the differences between flatware and hollowware. Essentially, flatware is cutlery—or the items you use to cut your food and feed yourself. Hollowware, on the other hand, describes the objects that belong on the dinner table. Here are a few examples of popular hollowware that you should add to your antique silver collection:

  • Gravy boat
  • Silver serving tray
  • Teapot
  • Pitcher


Tiffany sterling silver boxes are another excellent addition to an antique collection. Whether it’s a cigar box or a place you can keep mementos, you can admire these objects for years to come. At Nelson and Nelson Antiques, we have gift boxes and cigar boxes from the 20th century. These items are incredibly detailed and are a great investment if you take care of them.

Vanity Items

Sometimes, you want your vanity items to look as beautiful as you are. Anyone who wants to impress beauty enthusiasts should purchase some of these objects from Nelson and Nelson Antiques. We have compacts and mirrors that can serve as an excellent family heirloom to be passed down between generations.

Bar Accessories

Everyone wishes they could have parties this year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made this an impossibility. However, you can still get antique bar accessories to make sure that your home’s entertainment room stands out. We have shakers and flasks you can put on display to ensure that people are impressed with every visit.

This article has discussed what to add to your antique silver collection. Without these artifacts, your collection will be incomplete. Make sure to work with a reputable dealer when you go shopping.