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Sterling Holloware

Antique Sterling Silver Holloware

Are you currently searching for sterling silver holloware items for sale, or maybe you need to replace that old, boring dinnerware set? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of beautiful vintage silver serving dishes available that will certainly dazzle your next dinner guests. Original pieces like candelabras, toast racks, dinner plates, and sterling silver coffee sets and sterling silver tea sets will be the highlight of your gatherings with friends and family. All our antique sterling silver holloware is in the best possible condition so that you can enjoy it right away without worries. Get in touch with use today to learn more about our selection of vintage silver serving dishes.

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Antique German Rococo Hanau Silver Sweet Meat Coach

German Rococo 930 silver sweet meat coach. Imported to England by David Bridge in 1894. A round coach harnessed to a prancing reindeer with large antlers. A trumpet-blowing cherub holds the reins, and two more cherubs support an armorial in strapwork frame. Chased scenes depicting pastoral landscapes and frolics. Wheels rotate for a quick journey around the table. Fully marked including Hanau maker’s marks and English import marks, including London assay stamp. Very good condition.

Overall... Click for details

Sale Price: $1,575.00
Listed Price $2,250.00
Tiffany Spare & Heavy Modern Sterling Silver Water Pitcher

Modern sterling silver water pitcher. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1907. Ovoid body, stepped foot, short neck, and helmet mouth; soft bracket handle with trefoil shaped tail mount. A spare full-bodied vessel. Nice heft. Fully marked including maker’s stamp, pattern no. 16974 (first produced in 1907), director’s letter m, and volume (4 pts). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 8 1/4 x W 7 1/2 x D 5 1/8 in. Weight: 28.5 troy ounces. #BZ676

Sale Price: $3,150.00
Listed Price $4,500.00
Set of 12 Cartier Modern Sterling Silver Place Card Holders

Set of 12 Modern sterling silver place card holders. Retailed by Cartier in New York. Each: Folded disc with turned down front mounted to round base. Fully marked including retailer’s stamp. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 7/8 x W 1 x D 3/8 in. Total weight: 3 troy ounces. #BZ695

Sale Price: $1,575.00
Listed Price $2,250.00
Antique Japanese Meiji Art Nouveau Silver Iris Centerpiece Bowl

Japanese silver centerpiece bowl, ca 1900. Round and curved. Flat mouth rim with long and low scallops. Raised and spread foot. Applied iris flowers with loose and crisscrossing tendrils and stems in eddying water. Foot has cutout flower heads and engraved wraparound tendrils. Gorgeous period motif on spot-hammered ground. Double-walled. Meiji-era Art Nouveau centerpiece for the cosmopolitan West. Marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 8 3/4 x D 12 3/4 in. Weight: 78 troy ounces. #BZ691 ... Click for details

Sale Price: $7,150.00
Listed Price $11,000.00
Pair of Henry Chawner English Georgian Neoclassical Goblets 1793

Pair of George III sterling silver goblets. Made by Henry Chawner in London in 1793. Ovoid bowl on cylindrical stem flowing into raised foot. Bowl underside and foot rim reeded. Bowl interior gilt. Spare Neoclassical form that works on traditional and Modern tables. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 5 7/8 x D 3 1/4 in. Total weight: 14 troy ounces. #BZ791

Sale Price: $1,925.00
Listed Price $2,750.00
Antique German Silver Spaniel Dog Stirrup Cup

German silver figural dog stirrup cup, ca 1920. Cast bust of spaniel with long snout, resolutely closed mouth, and direct, concentrated gaze as well as floppy ears and thick fur. Mounted to plain and upward tapering bowl. A loyal hunt companion. Marked with maker’s stamp “Föhr” (probably, Eduard Foehr) and old-fashioned “13” (that is, 13/16 loths or 812 silver). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 6 3/4 x D 3 5/8 in. Weight: 8 troy ounces. #BZ714

Sale Price: $3,500.00
Listed Price $5,000.00
Currier & Roby Modern Sterling Silver Mini Martini Solo Shaker

Modern sterling silver mini martini shaker, ca 1930. Straight and tapering sides, curved shoulder, and short neck with snug-fitting bun cover. Spout diagonal with chained ball cap for secure shaking. Handy small size for stylish solo drinking. Fully marked including New York maker’s stamp (Currier & Roby), Boston retailer’s stamp (Shreve, Crump & Low), and no. 6711L. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 7 x W 4 1/4 x D 3 3/8 in. Weight: 7.2 troy ounces. #BZ687

Sale Price: $945.00
Listed Price $1,350.00
Tiffany Midcentury Modern Gilt Sterling Silver Flowerpot

Midcentury Modern gilt sterling silver flowerpot. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Two blossoms with overlapping, ready-to-bloom petals and leaves on stem planted in a bucket filled with granulated quartz. Fully marked including maker’s stamp and postwar pattern no. 24061. Very good condition with nice toning.

Overall dimensions: H 4 1/2 x W 2 3/8 x D 1 5/8 in. Weighted. #BZ650

Sale Price: $280.00
Listed Price $400.00
Swedish Neoclassical Silver Serving Bowl by Graumann 1932

Swedish Neoclassical 830 silver serving bowl, 1932. Ovoid bowl with high-looping end handles and raised foot. Engraved leaf-and-dart mouth rim. Pierced colonnade foot rim. Fully marked including maker’s stamp (G. Graumann) and date code. Very good condition.

Overall dimensions: H 3 3/4 x L 11 x W 4 3/4 in. Weight: 8.7 troy ounces. #BZ125

Sale Price: $455.00
Listed Price $650.00
Pair of Elkington English Victorian Sterling Silver Horse Goblets 1860

Pair of Victorian sterling silver goblets. Make by Elkington & Co. Ltd in Birmingham in 1860. Each: Ovoid bowl on knopped stem; raised foot. Chased and engraved horse scenes. On one, mounted horses amble through the countryside. On the other, it’s a race to the finish with raised whip, the grandstand in the background. Victor’s wreath grapevine frame engraved with interlaced script monogram. Tooled and beaded borders. Gilt-washed interior. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 6... Click for details

Sale Price: $3,325.00
Listed Price $4,750.00
Pair of Tiffany Modern Classical Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Pair of American Modern Classical sterling silver candlesticks, ca 1925. Each: Faceted column applied with bead-and-reel borders at top and bottom; raised hexagonal foot and detachable bobeche applied with same. Marks include retailer’s stamp (“Made for Tiffany & Co.") and no. 472X. Good condition with a few minor pings on shaft.

Dimensions: H 7 1/2 x W 3 3/4 x D 3 1/4 in. Weighted. #BZ334

Sale Price: $696.50
Listed Price $995.00
Spratling Taxco Modern Sterling Silver Bowl with Amethysts

Modern sterling silver bowl. Made by Spratling in Taxco, Mexico, ca 1940. Curved sides and wide and flat shoulder with chased addorsed scrolls between cabochon amethysts that spill out over the crisp rim. A Pre-Columbian motif stylistically compatible with mid-20th century Western design. Fully marked including maker’s stamp. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 2 x D 12 in. Gross weight: 25 troy ounces. #BZ679

Sale Price: $4,550.00
Listed Price $6,500.00
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