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The Importance of Family Heirlooms

March 5, 2020 11:22 am

The Importance of Family Heirlooms

Now more than ever, people want to learn about their family history. People spend hundreds of dollars buying DNA kits to give them additional information about where they came from. Yes, these kits are impressive, and they’ve provided millions of people with the answers they’re looking for. However, another way to learn about your family history is by studying your family’s heirlooms. This guide will overview the importance of family heirlooms. Soon you’ll be rummaging through your attic to see what treasures you can find.

Create a Legacy

One of the reasons why people collect family heirlooms is because they help create a legacy. We all know that time is fleeting. Parents can’t believe how fast their babies grow up. One way to ensure that your family leaves its mark is to collect family heirlooms. Grandparents want to leave their grandchildren with memorable items before they pass on. Gifting your granddaughter vintage sterling silver is one way to make sure your memory lives on. Family heirlooms make sure that your family’s legacy stands the test of time.

Connect to Past Generations

Family heirlooms are excellent because they can bring past generations into the present. Sadly, younger great-grandchildren may not know who their great-grandmother is. Families can tell stories about a person who has passed on, but giving a younger family member a personal item of their ancestor’s reinforces the emotional component. Family heirlooms connect generations who have never met. These items are also sentimental because they can continue to be passed down through each successive generation. Families are amazed to see an item from the nineteenth century be passed down to someone in 2020.

Interesting Conversation Pieces

Almost everyone finds family heirlooms fascinating. However, people who don’t collect family heirlooms are particularly interested when they meet someone who does. Items that have been passed down over time are great conversation-starters among people. People may ask where you got your grandmother’s necklace from. When they inquire about the heirloom, you get the opportunity to share a piece of your family’s story. Not only will this help keep your family member’s memory alive, but it may also inspire someone else to start collecting heirlooms of their own.

There are so many reasons you should collect family heirlooms. If you don’t have any heirlooms but want to start a collection, please visit Nelson and Nelson Antiques today. We have numerous beautiful pieces that’ll help you start a perfect heirloom collection for your family. Check out our vintage sterling silver collection immediately and start making memories that will last you a lifetime.

White Gold vs. Silver: What You Need to Know

February 26, 2020 10:13 am

White Gold vs. Silver: What You Need to Know

Metals have so many different uses. Certain metals make for stunning jewelry, while others can create spectacular accessories for your home. With so many different metals on the market, knowing which one is right for your needs can be a challenge. This guide will tell prospective buyers everything they need to know about the differences between white gold vs. silver. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on what metal is right for you.

White Gold

A mixture of pure yellow gold with a white metal such as palladium or nickel, white gold is genuinely stunning. Jewelers often plate white gold pieces with a material called rhodium, which preserves the white gold’s finish and really enhances the beauty of the piece. However, the finish does wear off over time. Since white gold is typically mixed with other metals, there are some allergy concerns. If you have a nickel allergy, you may want to stay away from white gold jewelry. However, if you’re allergy-free and looking for beautiful pieces that give off the golden look with a hint of white, white gold is the way to go.


Silver is a white precious metal. For jewelry or accessory purposes, silver is often combined with other alloys, such as copper, to make something called sterling silver. Most pieces made from sterling silver have markings that indicate what percentage of the item is actually silver and what percentage contains other alloys. Sterling silver is extremely common within the jewelry industry. It’s an excellent option for people with sensitive skin or anyone who’s looking for items with a shiny finish. If you’re in the market for sterling silver accessories, please contact the team at Nelson & Nelson Antiques. We have gorgeous items, including sterling silver vases, vanity items, and bar accessories that’ll leave your guests speechless.

Pros and Cons of Each

Lots of people have a hard time choosing between white gold and silver products. Unfortunately, each of the metals has benefits and drawbacks, which makes the decision even more difficult. As we mentioned, white gold isn’t a great option for people with allergies because these products can contain nickel. However, white gold does have a bright shine to it because of the rhodium. Sterling silver has a lustrous look that’ll impress anyone who sees it, and it’s much more common than white gold, so it’ll be much easier to find. If you’re looking to impress your guests with sterling silver items, please visit Nelson & Nelson Antiques immediately.

Top Reasons to Invest in Antique Silver

February 5, 2020 3:57 pm

Top Reasons to Invest in Antique Silver

Most people have the wrong idea about investments. In reality, your investment portfolio doesn’t have to consist of stocks and municipal bonds. There are many interesting things you can put your money into that’ll spice up your investment collection. For example, antique silver is a tremendous and unique investment opportunity. Read these top reasons to invest in antique silver to add beauty to your life and cash to your pockets.

It’s Valuable

A top reason to invest in antique silver is that it increases in value over time. If you take care of your antique silver and it’s damage-free, you can sell it for loads of money years down the line. You won’t believe how much people are willing to pay for antique silver pieces. Do your research when it comes time to sell. Study different vendors and see who’s willing to give you the most for your items. Antique silver truly epitomizes the saying, “spend a little now, make a lot later.”

It’s Beautiful

Antique silver is gorgeous. Pieces made from antique silver add ample depth to your home. If you want to enhance your house’s overall décor, invest in antique silver. Purchase silver serving trays that’ll impress guests at a sophisticated dinner party. Visitors will love looking at your antique silver picture frames every time they come over. Put a wedding photo in there so you can cherish the moment even more. Or, buy your wife a necklace made of antique silver that will impress all her friends. You can’t go wrong with anything made from antique silver.

It’s Functional

Most people think that because antique silver is exquisite and valuable, that means you can’t use it. This sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Many antique silver pieces are functional. Also, if you maintain them properly, there’s no reason they still can’t be valuable. There’s antique silverware you can put out the next time your boss comes over for dinner. Or, you can buy your wife beautiful flowers and put them in an antique silver vase. You don’t have to just sit there and watch your antique silver pieces increase in value. You can still make money years later and put the items to good use in the meantime.

This resourceful guide overviews the top reasons to invest in antique silver. Antique silver is valuable, beautiful, and functional. Broaden your horizons if you’re thinking about investing some of your money. You don’t need to put your savings into stocks and bonds to make a profit. Owning an antique silver collection will make you a pretty penny in the future.

Why Do People Collect Antiques?

January 31, 2020 8:06 am

Why Do People Collect Antiques?

Thousands of people around the world collect antiques. There are even television shows dedicated to the hobby. This article will briefly explain why people collect antiques and give insight as to why the pastime has become so popular. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start an impressive antique collection of your own one day.

They’re Valuable

One of the most significant reasons why people collect antiques is because they’re valuable. Some antique collections are worth thousands of dollars if they’re in good condition. People collect antiques so they can sell them and make a massive profit later. People have funded entire vacations or purchased homes on the sale of an antique collection. If the items are well taken care of, and they don’t have any chips or scratches, consider getting them appraised by a professional jeweler. You never know how much cash is sitting on your shelf.

They’re Beautiful

Collectible antiques are stunning. If the owners take care of them and the pieces are in good condition, antiques can make a genuine statement in a person’s home. Antiques possess historical significance as well. When the owners know the story behind their collection, they can share the story with admirers. Antiques add a layer of sophistication to a home’s interior design, too. People will be so impressed by your collection every time they come over. So please, take out your antique silver serving tray or antique silver tea set. People will be talking about your collection for years to come.

They’re Great Heirlooms

Antique collections are excellent heirlooms. Antiques are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. These collections can genuinely become a part of your family’s history. Thousands of people collect antiques so they can give them to their loved ones in the future. Imagine giving your granddaughter an antique collectible you’ve had for decades on her wedding day. Antique collections hold a great deal of sentimental value. Thousands of people all over the world start collections for that reason alone.

How to Test Sterling Silver for Authenticity

January 30, 2020 2:22 pm

How to Test Sterling Silver for Authenticity

Many people have items made of sterling silver. It’s common for women to have sterling silver necklaces, and some people have sterling silver vases in their homes. Since sterling silver is so popular, some vendors try to pass off non-silver items as genuine. That’s why it’s so important to test your silver pieces’ authenticity. Anyone wondering how to test sterling silver for authenticity should read this resourceful guide.

Check for Markings

Sterling silver pieces typically contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal alloy. Most manufacturers will put a marking on each sterling silver item they produce. That way, consumers can know exactly what percentage of silver is in the product they want to buy. The first step is to inspect your sterling silver items for any markings. If you don’t see any markings on your sterling silver item, that may mean it’s a fake.

Perform the Magnet Test

The magnet test is probably the simplest thing you can do to determine if an accessory is really sterling silver. Silver is a non-ferrous metal, meaning it’s not magnetic. To perform the magnet test, all you need to do is grab a magnet from the fridge and place your sterling silver item near it. If the piece immediately clings to the magnet, then it’s not actually sterling silver. Even if the object moves slightly toward the magnet, that still indicates it’s not sterling silver. If you intend to purchase a sterling silver accessory from a shop, bring a magnet with you so that you can perform the test on the spot. Checking right then and there will prevent you from making a poor investment.

Smell It

The “smell it” method is somewhat unconventional, but it works. Real sterling silver doesn’t exude any sort of odor. If you question whether or not you have genuine sterling silver, simply put the piece against your nose and take a whiff. If you smell anything unusual or foul, that strongly indicates that the piece is fake. Again, much like the magnet test, the “smell it” method is something you can easily do at a shop before you purchase an item. Make sure to ask the jeweler or manufacturer if you can take the item to a neutral-smelling area while you check it. Sometimes, shops that sell fakes make the entire room stink, so you can’t get a read on how the item smells. Be smart, and do everything you can to ensure you buy an authentic piece of sterling silver.

If you’re on the hunt for genuine sterling silver for sale, Nelson and Nelson Antiques only sells quality, authentic statement pieces. We can guarantee you’ll receive not only a piece you know is real but a piece that will last you a lifetime.