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Sterling Flatware

Vintage Sterling Silver Flatware

Serve your food elegantly with vintage sterling silver flatware from Nelson and Nelson Antiques. Choose from a variety of gorgeous antique sterling silver cutlery that enhances the dinner experience for you and your guests. Sit down for dinner with a full English sterling silver dinner set. Serve dinner courses with incredibly stylish silver serving forks or spoons. Having the perfect dinner spread has never looked this great. No matter what the occasion may be, whether it is entertaining guests at your home or sitting down for the family dinner, we believe that you need to have quality flatware. Invest in Nelson & Nelson Antiques' flatware and antique solid silver cutlery for sale online. These pieces can be handed down from generation to generation. To learn more about our vintage sterling silver flatware, please give us a call today.

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Turn-of-the-century Edwardian Art Nouveau sterling silver bonbon scoop. Scallop shell bowl with open flutes inset with open scrolls and diaper. Scroll handle comprising seaweed-entwined shells. A great piece for the weekend cottage. Fully marked including Whiting maker’s stamp and no. 5737. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 9 x W 5 1/4 in. Weight: 7 troy ounces. #BV845

Sale Price: $875.00
Listed Price $1,250.00

Rare sterling silver punch ladle. Made by Spratling in Taxco, Mexico. Round hand-hammered bowl with curved spout. Mount has tooled bands and applied rope band and is inset with tapering stained-wood handle. An early piece by this maker. 1940s marks. Very good condition with beautiful patina.

Dimensions: H 13 x W 3 3/4 x D 1/4 in. Gross weight: 5 troy ounces. #BR829

Sale Price: $1,400.00
Listed Price $2,000.00

Perles 950 silver dinner and lunch set for 24. Made by Tetard Frères in France. This set comprises 474 pieces (dimensions in inches):

Forks: 24 dinner forks (8 1/2), 22 lunch forks (7), 24 fish forks (6 5/8), 24 seafood forks (5), 24 dessert forks (5 3/4), 24 fruit forks (6);

Knives: 18 dinner knives (9 7/8), 24 lunch knives (8), 24 fish knives (8), 18 dessert knives (7 1/4), 24 butter spreaders (5);

Spoons: 24 tablespoons (8 3/8), 24 teaspoons (5 5/8), 24 soup spoons (5 3/4), 24 dessert... Click for details

Sale Price: $26,000.00
Listed Price $40,000.00

Set of 11 English Victorian dinner knives, ca 1880. Each: Tapering and chamfered rectilinear agate handle with bead terminal and silver-plated blade. Agate red and mottled in varying shades. Blades marked “Joseph Rodgers & Sons / Cutlers to Her Majesty”. Very good condition. Blades have some spotting and discoloration.

Height: 9 in. #BV864

Sale Price: $2,100.00
Listed Price $3,000.00

La Rochelle silver dinner set for 12. Made by Tetard Frères in France. This set comprises 90 pieces (dimensions in inches):

Knives: 12 dinner knives (9 3/4) and 12 fish knives (8 1/8);

Forks: 12 dinner forks (8 1/4), 12 dessert forks (6 7/8), and 12 fish forks (6 7/8);

Spoons: 12 soup spoons (6 7/8) and 12 teaspoons (5 3/4);

Serving pieces: gravy ladle (6 7/8), spoon (8), sugar spoon (5 1/2), cold meat fork (9 5/8), butter spreader (6 1/2), and pie server (10 7/8).

Dinner knives,... Click for details

Sale Price: $9,750.00
Listed Price $15,000.00

Bernadotte sterling silver cream soup spoon. Made by Georg Jensen in Copenhagen. Round bowl and tapering pilaster handle. An early piece in this pattern that was first produced in 1939. Fully marked including domestic maker’s stamp (1945-51). Excellent condition.

Height: 6 3/8 in. Weight: 1.7 troy ounces. #BV265

Sale Price: $140.00
Listed Price $200.00

Coburg gilt sterling silver place soup spoon. Made by CJ Vander, Ltd in London in 1959. Double-sided shell, scroll, flower, and fish scale ornament in the Georgian pattern that Paul Storr made in the early 19th century. Fully marked. Excellent condition with nice toning.

Height: 7 1/4 in. Weight: 2.3 troy ounces. #BV752

Sale Price: $157.50
Listed Price $225.00

Japanese sterling silver berry scoop. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Oval terminal with double-sided low-relief stylized ornament: Perched bird, flowers, leafing stalks, and cattails. Reed handle. Deep gilt bowl with crimped rim. The pattern was in production from 1871 to 1904. The designer was Edward C. Moore, who was a connoisseur of Japanese art. Fully marked. Very good condition with some gilding wear.

Dimensions: H 9 1/2 x W 2 5/8 x D 1/8 in. Weight: 3 troy ounces. #BV746

Sale Price: $1,400.00
Listed Price $2,000.00

Art Nouveau 830 silver serving piece. Made by Georg Jensen in Copenhagen. Oval shaped blade. Bottom half of handle tapering and solid with stylized leaf border. Top half curved and open with double-sided crisscrossing tendrils. Terminal comprises flower head and beaded tendrils. A rare piece in a pattern designed by the master. Illustrated in: Drucker. Georg Jensen, 1997, p. 284.

Fully marked including 2 early maker’s stamps (1915-1927 and 1915-1930), “Copenhagen”, and no. 83. Very good... Click for details

Sale Price: $1,050.00
Listed Price $1,500.00

Desirable sterling silver grapevine pastry server in Vine. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Fruiting grapevine, irregularly trailing on tapering and gently waving handle, and wrapping around. Handle front has stippled ground. Shaped and gilt-washed blade; center has tapering flute and chased radiating lines. Illustrated in: Hood. Tiffany Silver Flatware, 1999, p. 112. This pattern is commonly known as Fruits and Flowers, and was in production from 1872 to before 1904. Fully marked. Excellent... Click for details

Sale Price: $840.00
Listed Price $1,200.00

Cluny sterling silver fish server. Made by Gorham in Providence. Ovalish and crimped blade with engraved and brite-cut leaf and flower ornament. Handle tapering with dense flower heads as well as patera, beading, and volute scrolls in low relief. A desirable early piece in the Antoine Heller pattern that was first produced in the 1880s. Three-letter monogram (EVS) engraved on handle verso. Fully marked including late 19th-century maker’s stamp. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 11 1/2 x W 3... Click for details

Sale Price: $420.00
Listed Price $600.00

Ornamental sterling silver sauce ladle. Made by Georg Jensen in Copenhagen. Looped and tapering handle with seed and leaf terminal. Hand-hammered ovoid leaf bowl. Marked “Sterling / Denmark” with postwar maker’s stamp and pattern no. 21. Very good condition.

Height: 6 3/8 in. Weight: 2 troy ounces. #BV262

Sale Price: $206.50
Listed Price $295.00
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