antique sterlingThere’s nothing quite like the gleam and glow of antique sterling silver. Whether it’s a silver tea set with tray, sterling candlesticks, or elegant flatware, antique sterling silver has a presence all of its own. Here are six different types of silver items that make beautiful gifts and treasured heirlooms


  1. Holloware: Designed to celebrate the birth of a baby, an anniversary, a wedding, or even as a housewarming present, antique sterling silver or silver overlay holloware is a wonderful heirloom gift. These items are engraved with names and special dates that are being commemorated. As heirloom collector pieces, they are often handed down from generation to generation in families.

  2. Vases: A floral arrangement display is even more breathtaking when it is presented in an antique sterling silver vase. Upon entering a foyer, a lobby, a room, or even the entryway of a home, it creates an atmosphere of elegance and beauty.

  3. Picture Frames: Creating a collection of treasured photographs is a wonderful hobby that many people enjoy. Mounting these treasured photographs in a picture frame made of sterling silver brings an added dimension of beauty to the display. Along with photographs, artwork displayed in antique sterling silver picture frames is breathtaking.

  4. Flatware: Setting an elegant table begins and ends with classic antique sterling silver flatware. Meticulously crafted through the centuries, flatware is available in a variety of patterns. These range from very ornate styles to more sleek, contemporary styles. It is a wonderful tradition to pass along a set of antique sterling silver flatware from generation to generation. A beautiful set of flatware and serving utensils carries with it memories of treasured times with family and friends.

  5. Candelabra: A sterling silver candelabra can add to any display, whether in the foyer or even at the dining table. It sets the tone for any area of the home.

  6. Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings…Sterling silver is gorgeous for all kinds of jewelry. It is cool and smooth in the summer, and add a warm gleam in the colder months as well. What is more personal or more classic than a beautiful engraved sterling silver locket presented on a sterling silver chain?



Personality, craftsmanship, and beauty: antique sterling silver items have it all. Plus, these items also have that unmistakable gleam. The visible light spectrum is reflected at levels of 95% levels in items of polish silver. So if you thought that the silver items you were looking at were extremely shiny, you are correct!



The timeless beauty of lustrous antique silver jewelry, holloware, or estate jewelry items make them all very hard to resist. They are classic pieces for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.