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Pair of Edwardian sterling silver nut dishes. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1908. Each: Shaped well, tapering sides with pierced leaf-and-berry band, and crimped and molded rim. Four ball supports. Interlaced script monogram engraved in well. Fully marked including pattern no. 17103 (first produced in 1908) and director’s letter m (1907-47). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 1/8 x W 4 x D 2 3/4 in. Total weight: 2.3 troy ounces. #BM376

Listed Price $195.00

Victorian Classical sterling silver water pitcher. Made by Edward John Wells in London in 1880. Ovoid body with fluted leaf-and-dart on shoulder. Ribbed scroll-bracket handle with leaf cap and mount. Wide and round mouth with shaped spout. Cabled rim. Very much in the advanced taste. Fully marked including stamp for London retailer Watherston. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 9 x W 8 1/4 x D 5 1/2 in. Weight: 22.5 troy ounces. #BR143

Listed Price $1,850.00

Wonderfully sumptuous sterling silver centerpiece bowl. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Plain well with pierced and chased turned-down rim with flowers and trellis. Irregularly scrolled rim interspersed with leaves and flowers. Foot ring has 6 leafy-scroll mounted paw supports. Unembarrassed Gilded Age magnificence. Fully marked including pattern no. 11229 (first produced in 1892) and director’s letter T (1892-1902). Excellent condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 6 x D 20.5 in.... Click for details

Listed Price $20,000.00

Fabulous Midcentury Modern sterling silver country chic basket. Retailed by Cartier in New York. Squarish with plain rim and fixed c-scroll handle. Handwoven strips in silver, which is way better than straw. A jokey take on rural crafts. Fully marked including retailer’s stamp and phrase “Hand Made”. Excellent condition with lovely finish.

Dimensions: H 7 1/4 x W 6 1/4 x D 5 7/8 in. Weight: 13 troy ounces. #BR131

Listed Price $2,250.00

Sharp and Modern sterling silver picture frame. Made by Lunt in Greenfield, Mass., ca 1940. Rectangular window and wide surround with two raised wraparound bands and skyscraper arrows applied at corners. With glass, black lining, and black velvet back and hinged support. For portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) display. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Portrait dimensions: Frame: H 10 1/4 x W 8 1/4 in. Window: H 6 7/8 x W 4 7/8 in. #BS551

Listed Price $995.00

Turn-of-the-century sterling silver and horn corkscrew. Made by John Hasselbring in Brooklyn, New York. Curved horn and sterling silver mount with s-scrolls applied to sides. Fully marked and numbered 32. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 6 x W 5 x D 7/8 in. #BQ103

Listed Price $650.00

Charming old-fashioned sterling silver heart dish. Made by Gorham in Providence. Solid well and wide tapering sides with embossed bow-tied ribbon and scrolls and pierced circles and quatrefoils. Irregular rim with scrolls and flowers. Three ball supports. A lushly romantic gift. Fully marked including no. 966. Very good condition with nice finish.

Dimensions: H 1 1/4 x W 4 3/4 x D 5 1/8 in. Weight: 2 troy ounces.

#BQ599, BQ622, BQ623, BQ624, BQ653, BQ686, BQ687, BQ688 & BQ689

Listed Price $350.00

Novelty sterling silver baby cup. Made by Webster in North Attleboro, Mass., ca 1920. Straight sides and high-looping scroll handle. Enameled decoration: A clown pounds away with drumsticks, musical notes emanating to the tune of a very special birth announcement. Interior gilt washed. Fully marked. Very good condition. Enamel bright and intact. Minor handle dents.

Overall dimensions: H 2 3/8 x W 3 3/4 x D 2 5/8 in. Weight: 2 troy ounces. #BO109

Listed Price $350.00

Fancy sterling silver wine bottle coaster. Made by Howard & Co. in New York in 1898. Solid well and pierced gallery with repeating pattern of alternating vases and scrolled “trees”, gadrooned wavy rim, and gadrooned bottom rim. Stag armorial and script phrase “C. de F.” engraved in well center. Mounted to stained wood. The perfect piece for a single-bottle night by a historic American maker of classic English designs. Fully marked including year. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 2 x... Click for details

Listed Price $1,150.00

Renaissance-Revival sterling silver tea caddy. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1910. Ovoid with short neck and snug-fitting cover. Vertical ornament in form of alternating wide plain bands and narrow acid-etched ones with Grotesque ornament. Cover has same in arcade form. A restrained deployment of the traditional leaf-and-vase motif. Fully marked including pattern no. 12246A1 and director’s letter m (1907-47). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 5 3/8 x D 2 7/8 in. Weight: 6.5 troy... Click for details

Listed Price $1,295.00

Stylish sterling silver picture frame. Retailed by Neiman Marcus in Dallas. Rectangular window and bamboo-style surround. With glass, textile lining, and laminate back and hinged support for portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal display). Post-1967 Italian hallmark, Del Conte maker’s stamp, and retailer’s sticker. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 10 1/8 x W 7 3/4 in. Window: H 9 3/8 x W 6 7/8 in. #BS526

Listed Price $950.00

Large sterling silver vase in Clover pattern. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Conical body on raised foot. On exterior chased and engraved leafing branches with buds in relief. Rim irregular and pierced with pell-mell blossoms. A classic high-low design that depicts a common wildflower in precious metal. Foot plain. Fully marked including pattern no. 15938 (first produced in 1903) and director’s letter C (1902-7). Fine condition.

Dimensions: H 10 7/8 x D 11 in. Weight: 37 troy ounces.... Click for details

Listed Price $4,500.00
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