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European silver flagon after the antique, late 19th century. Tapering bowl with curved front and back Tapering sides and curved front and back on spread and ribbed rectangular foot. Rectilinear neck with flat top. Round and domed cover with same ribbing and finial chained on both sides to ribbed rings loose-mounted to applied Classical satyr’s heads. Engraved Renaissance figures on front and armorial on back; leafing scrollwork and birds. Marked. Very good condition with deep... Click for details

Sale Price: $1,750.00
Listed Price $2,500.00

Turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau glass vase by historic Loetz with engraved silver overlay. Cylindrical body with bellied top and spread foot. Overlay in form of flower heads with entwined petals and leaves (top) and leafing scrollwork (bottom) as well as teardrop pilasters. Glass is iridescent green with yellow and blue shimmer. Silver marks include Alvin maker’s stamp and no. G3424. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 9 1/2 x D 7 in. #BR837

Sale Price: $5,250.00
Listed Price $7,500.00

Turn-of-the-century Edwardian Art Nouveau sterling silver bonbon scoop. Scallop shell bowl with open flutes inset with open scrolls and diaper. Scroll handle comprising seaweed-entwined shells. A great piece for the weekend cottage. Fully marked including Whiting maker’s stamp and no. 5737. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 9 x W 5 1/4 in. Weight: 7 troy ounces. #BV845

Sale Price: $875.00
Listed Price $1,250.00

Turn-of-the-century German 800 silver goblet. Round bowl on lobed baluster shaft on knopped and domed foot. Chased strapwork inset with Grotesque heads as well as flower and shell ornament. Engraved leafing-scroll rim over applied pointille border. Bowl interior gilt washed. Marks include Simon Rosenau maker’s stamp. Very good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 5 3/8 x D 3 1/8 in. Weight: 4.5 troy ounces. #BV832

Sale Price: $665.00
Listed Price $950.00

Victorian gilt sterling silver christening mug. Made Joseph Angell in London in 1860. Cylindrical with spread base, canted shoulder and flared mouth rim. Handle leaf-capped and -wrapped with volute-scroll terminal.

Applied ornament depicting two Aesop’s fables between columnar frames: The Fox and the Grapes (source of the expression “sour grapes”), and the less well-known Crow and the Pitcher on engraved ground. Third frame vacant. Base has dense and irregular scrollwork. Sumptuous with... Click for details

Sale Price: $4,200.00
Listed Price $6,000.00

Large Art Deco sterling silver box. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1913. Rectangular with straight sides. Cover hinged with gently curved top. Engine-turned horizontal lines in plain frames on sides and cover. Cover top has plain central rectangle (vacant). Box interior cedar lined and partitioned. Fully marked including maker’s stamp, pattern no. 18496G (first produced in 1913), and director’s letter m. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 2 x W 9 1/2 x D 5 3/4 in. Gross weight:... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,800.00
Listed Price $4,000.00

Nice-sized sterling silver trophy bowl. Made by Gorham in Providence in 1947. Traditional Revere form with flared rim and round and stepped foot. Plenty of room for engraving. Fully marked including maker’s stamp, date code, no. 41661, and phrase “P. Revere / Reproduction”. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 5 1/8 x D 10 1/4 in. Weight: 30 troy ounces. #BV813

Sale Price: $1,925.00
Listed Price $2,750.00

Pair of Edwardian Art Nouveau sterling silver candlesticks. Each: Tapering socket with detachable bobeche on ovoid shaft with reeded base knop on raised foot. Engraved ornament in form of soft and loose leaves and scrolls. Fully marked including maker’s stamp for Roger Williams, who were active in Providence from ca 1901 to 1913. Also, retailer’s stamp for Cowell & Hubbard in Cleveland. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 10 7/8 x D 4 1/2 in. Total weight: 20 troy ounces. #BV846

Sale Price: $1,400.00
Listed Price $2,000.00

Set of 8 Cactus sterling silver salt & pepper shakers. Made by Georg Jensen in Copenhagen. Each: Ovoid body on raised round foot. Four shakers have pierced cover with bead finial. The other four have single central spout. The cactus motif is tucked away on the body underside. Functional form and discreet ornament. Fully marked including postwar maker’s stamp and Gundorph Albertus designer’s stamp. Four shakers have no. 629 and 4 have no. 629A. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 3 1/4 x D 1... Click for details

Sale Price: $2,100.00
Listed Price $3,000.00

Hand-made sterling silver bowl. Made by Arthur Stone in Gardner, Mass., ca 1920. Traditional Revere form with curved sides and stepped inset foot. Fully marked including maker’s stamp and craftsman’s initial T for Herbert A. Taylor. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 x D 9 1/2 in. Weight: 24.5 troy ounces. #BV773

Sale Price: $1,925.00
Listed Price $2,750.00

English Edwardian Classical sterling silver sugar caster, 1905. Ovoid bowl on raised foot; short inset neck with gadrooned rim. Volutes scroll-mounted to shoulder. Cover domed and pierced with ornamental finial. Dynamic ornament with twisted flutes, leaves, and beads. Tooled wavy bands. Fully marked including Williams, Ltd retailer’s stamp and Birmingham assay stamp. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 8 3/4 x W 3 5/8 x D 3 1/2 in. Weight: 9.5 troy ounces. #BV795

Sale Price: $696.50
Listed Price $995.00

Italian grand tour cast silver sculpture, ca 1910. Hercules kneels on the body of a lion It’s the Nemean lion, a ferocious beast that could not be killed by mortals, but Hercules is the son of Zeus. A popular theme since antiquity that’s depicted here with Baroque drama: A lunging, brawny, hirsute Hercules pries open the jaws of the writhing lion. Group mounted to rectangular base with 4 monopodium corner supports. Marked. Very good condition with deep patina.

Overall dimensions: H 9 1/2 x... Click for details

Sale Price: $8,125.00
Listed Price $12,500.00
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