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Sterling Flatware: Tiffany

Antique Flatware

Antique flatware has been used for centuries. During medieval times, silversmiths began to create decorative household items and eating utensils for the well-to-do, as silver was a symbol of wealth. Collecting antique silver flatware makes for gorgeous table decor and conversation starters at dinner parties. Quality sterling silver flatware boasts intricate and detailed designs. Start your antique silver flatware collection at Nelson & Nelson Antiques. We have painstakingly curated a selection of beautiful sterling silver antiques perfect for your collection or for use during special occasions. You can browse our selection online or visit our New York City store for the full antique experience.

Sterling Flatware: Tiffany (3)

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Tiffany Wave Edge Sterling Silver Dinner Set with 91 Pieces

Wave Edge sterling silver flatware set. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1890. This set comprises 91 pieces (dimensions in inches):

Forks: 12 dinner forks (8), 12 luncheon forks (7) and 12 salad forks (6 3/4);

Knives: 12 dinner knives (10 1/4) and 4 dessert knives (7 3/8);

Spoons: 12 soup spoons (7 1/8), 12 teaspoons (6 1/8), and 12 boullion spoons (5 1/2); and 4 serving spoons (8 1/2).

Classic Shell motif with delicate, applied wave border. All pieces have vertical 5-letter script... Click for details

Sale Price: $5,250.00
Listed Price $7,500.00
Tiffany Nursery Rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence 3-Piece Baby Set

Nursery rhyme sterling silver baby set, comprising, knife, fork, and spoon. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1920.

Each: Pediment terminal with low-relief scenes from Sing a Song of Six Pence: The King in His Counting House (spoon), the Queen Eating Bread and Honey (fork), and the Maid Hanging Out the Clothes (knife). Back plain.

Marks include maker’s stamp and director’s letter m. Very good condition with nice definition.

Height: Knife: 5 in. Fork: 4 1/4 in. Spoon: H 4 3/8 in.... Click for details

Sale Price: $626.50
Listed Price $895.00
Tiffany Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver Dinner Set with 145 Pieces

Chrysanthemum sterling silver dinner set. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1890.

This set comprises 145 pieces (dimensions in inches): Forks: 24 dinner forks (7 1/2), 12 salad/terrapin forks (6 3/8), 12 seafood forks (6), and 12 ice cream forks (5 5/8); Spoons: 10 teaspoons (5 5/8), 12 round gumbo spoons (7 3/4), 12 bouillon spoons (5 1/2), 10 grapefruit spoons (5 3/4), and 6 tablespoons (8 1/4); Knives: 12 dinner knives (10 1/8), 12 lunch knives (8 7/8), and 11 butter spreaders (5... Click for details

Sale Price: $21,125.00
Listed Price $32,500.00