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Sterling Boxes: Pill Boxes

Antique Sterling Silver Pill Boxes

We live in a time where sterling silver pill boxes aren’t necessary items to have, but they are delightfully retro to own. They are artifacts from more civilized moments in history—a time when storage was seen as an art form and functional. Antique sterling silver pill boxes evolved from bedside adornments to miniature boxes that were portable. There are a variety of styles from different countries and time periods, and jewelers even began creating these collectible pill boxes. Don’t confuse pill boxes with snuff boxes. They’re similar at first glance, but snuff boxes are a tad larger. Nelson & Nelson has antique sterling silver pill boxes perfect to add to your collection. Visit our New York City store or browse our website to find what you’re looking for.

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Italian 800 silver figural pillbox, ca 1910. In form of hedgehog with bristly body and pointy head. Hinged bottom. Marked "800" with pre-1968 maker's stamp. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 3/4 x W 1 3/4 x D 7/8 in. #BW842

Sale Price: $385.00
Listed Price $550.00