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Desk Accessories

Antique Silver Desk Accessories

Are you unsure of how to decorate your desk? Here at Nelson & Nelson Antiques, we have a fantastic selection of antique silver desk accessories- including vintage inkwells and boxes- available to choose from. Find a stylish place to store matches in a sterling silver match safe, or browse our antique sterling silver desk sets for silver stamp booklets to add greater value to your collection. We even have silver cigar cutters and magnifying glasses, perfect to store inside your desk. While others may decorate their desks with ordinary trinkets, go bold and invest in something that has historical value and will appreciate with time. When you need to decorate your desk, choose Nelson and Nelson Antiques' collection of antique silver desk accessories. To learn more about of amazing antique products, please call us today.

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Antique Tiffany Art Deco Sterling Silver Cigar Smoking Set

Art Deco sterling silver cigar set. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1920. This set comprises, tray, lighter, and 6 ashtrays. Tray rectangular with rounded corners and flat rim. Two central wells of which one rectangular for ashtrays and one round for lighter. Lighter round and bellied with high-looping side handles and hinged and tubular wick cover. Ashtrays rectangular with tapering sides. Acid-etched rinceaux ornament. From the era when a thoughtful host supplied tobacco.

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Sale Price: $5,600.00
Listed Price $8,000.00
Antique Austrian Silver and Tusk Eagle Cigar Cutter

Austrian cigar cutter, ca 1900. Eight-hundred silver eagle head with penetrating glass eyes and dense imbricated feathers. Insert in beak ring and snap goes the jaw! Mounted to boar tusk, which is not at all the same as a bore’s tusk. Guaranteed to enliven the gentlemen’s after-dinner wine. Marked with cinquefoil Diana head and maker’s stamp EC or EG. Very good condition with a sharp blade.

Dimensions: H 1 7/8 x L 9 x D 1 3/8 in. #BW007

Sale Price: $4,900.00
Listed Price $7,000.00
English Victorian Novelty Sterling Silver 12-Inch Ruler Letter Opener

Victorian sterling silver letter opener. Made by George Neal & George Neal in London in 1900. In form and with dimensions of a 12-inch ruler. Tapering point for getting underneath the fold. A stylish and useful desk novelty. Fully marked. Very good condition. Weight: 2.5 troy ounces. #BW008

Sale Price: $770.00
Listed Price $1,100.00
Set of 4 American Modern Sterling Silver Prancing Horse Ashtrays

Set of 4 American Modern sterling silver ashtrays, ca 1920. Each: Square; flat rim and curvilinear handle mounted with cast figure of prancing horse, left forepaw raised. Marked “Sterling” with sequential numbers one to four, and pattern no. 25. Very good condition.

Overall dimensions: H 1 5/8 x W 3 5/8 x D 3 in. Total weight: 9.4 troy ounces. #BX542

Sale Price: $1,050.00
Listed Price $1,500.00
Bulgari Streamlined Chrome Letter Opener

Streamlined chrome letter opener. Layered and tapering with swooping bands. Double-sided. Sharp and pointed end. Marked “Bulgari”. Very good condition.

Length: 7 3/8 in. #BN433

Sale Price: $486.50
Listed Price $695.00
Antique Edwardian Horn-Handled Hound Dog Cigar Cutter

Edwardian cigar cutter, ca 1900. Nubby and irregular horn handle with sterling silver dog head mount: A floppy-eared hound with glass bead eyes and pensive expression. Blade mounted to end. Silver marked “925”. Hardware marked “M.W. & Co Ltd” for M. Wachenheimer & Co. Ltd, and stamped “Foreign”. Very good condition.

Length: 8 in. #BV930

Sale Price: $1,050.00
Listed Price $1,500.00
Chinese Export Silver Card Case by Khe Cheong C 1860

Chinese export silver card case, ca 1860. Rectangular with chased pavilions, bamboo, and blossoming tree planted in rocky soil, traditional landscape peopled with leisured sages and scholars and a sole working man in the person of a porter. Sides and cover top have leaf and tendril border. On cover top is applied oval engraved with 3-letter script monogram. On bottom is engraved script monogram presentation. Marked KHC for Khe Cheong, a Canton silversmith and retailer. Very good condition.... Click for details

Sale Price: $1,750.00
Listed Price $2,500.00
Antique Gorham Sterling Silver Match Safe with Japanese Oni

Exotic sterling silver match safe. Made by Gorham in Providence in 1886. Rectilinear with hinged cover. Concave underside with strike. On front and back is chased head of a Japanese oni, a folkloric figure. Fully marked including maker’s stamp, date symbol, and no. 390. Very good condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 1 5/8 x W 1 3/8 x D 1/2 in. #BX111

Sale Price: $1,015.00
Listed Price $1,450.00
Antique American Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Postage Stamp Box

Art Nouveau sterling silver postage stamp box, 1892. Rectangular with straight sides and curved corners. Cover flat and hinged with large embossed scallop shell and scalloped tab. Applied wraparound gadrooned borders. Gilt-washed interior with square compartments for 2 denominations. Fully marked. Left side marked “Howard & Co. / New York” and right side has Frank W. Smith stamp, no. 28, and year. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1/2 x W 2 7/8 x D 1 3/4 in. Weight: 2.5 troy ounces.... Click for details

Sale Price: $455.00
Listed Price $650.00
Gorgeous Tiffany Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Letter Rack

Gorgeous Art Nouveau sterling silver letter rack. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Rectilinear with straight sides and curvilinear rims. Detachable partitions for creating at most 6 compartments. Acid-etched ornament in form of scrolling and entwined tendrils inset with same. An allusion to self-referencing that traditionally characterizes an intense and exclusive epistolary relationship. Finest quality design attributable to Louis Comfort Tiffany. Fully marked including maker’s stamp,... Click for details

Sale Price: $5,250.00
Listed Price $7,500.00
Antique Tiffany American Edwardian Sterling Silver Inkstand

Edwardian Modern sterling silver inkstand. Rectangular with well and reeded rim; 4 leaf-mounted paw supports. Two mounted pots, each with hinged and bellied cover with ball finial, and detachable clear glass liner. Pen rest comprising 2 c-scroll cradles on domed feet. Fully marked including maker’s stamp, pattern no. 10807, and director’s letter T (1892-1902). Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 4 1/4 x W 10 1/4 x D 6 3/4 in. Weight (silver only): 27 troy ounces. #BV802

Sale Price: $3,150.00
Listed Price $4,500.00
Beautiful Long-Handled Magnifying Glass in Nephrite, Crystal, & Enamel

Beautiful long-handled magnifying glass. Round lens in brass frame on spool mount. Tapering nephrite handle with wreath applied to purple guilloche band. Crystal knob terminal has purple jewels applied to cut flower heads.

Dimensions: H 17 5/8 x D 4 in. #SW24

Sale Price: $2,450.00
Listed Price $3,500.00
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