Since 1851, Tiffany and Co. has been a silver industry paragon. Their high-quality pieces and standard .925 sterling silver are well deserving of their illustrious reputation. You may instantly think of Tiffany jewelry when you hear the brand’s name, but they continue to produce many silver pieces as the years progress, from dinnerware to tea sets to candlesticks.

If you’re a collector of stunning antique pieces, you can’t go wrong with adding a few Tiffany silver pieces to your collection. They truly do age beautifully. Follow these storage tips to extend the life of your Tiffany antiques and keep them in excellent condition.

Make Sure It’s Dry

Your storage container or unit and the silver itself must be completely dry before you pack it away. If you live in a humid climate, place a package of desiccant crystals in storage with your silver. These packets will remove excess moisture from the air and effectively protect your silver.

Use Proper Storage Solutions

It’s best to store your Tiffany antiques properly to extend their lives. Avoid excessive exposure to air, and store your silver in silver cloth bags, pouches, or storage boxes to prevent tarnishing. A quality silver storage box has tarnish-proof cloth lining to keep your silver in the best possible condition.

Avoid Rubber

Many don’t know that rubber contains sulfur—a type of oxygen chemical—meaning that an item as incongruous as a rubber band could cause corrosion and tarnishing. With that said, make sure there are no rubber items coming in contact with your silver while in storage.

Store your Antique Tiffany silver properly to retain its value and help it stay in high-quality condition. Following these helpful tips will keep your silver looking beautiful and make it less likely to tarnish.