When I say the word Tiffany, what comes to mind? Teal boxes, sterling silver, and gorgeous jewelry? These things are all synonymous with the incredible store in New York City.

Antique collectors have been in love with Tiffany pieces for decades. These pieces stand the test of time, but what makes Tiffany silver antiques different from the others? Continue reading to find out.

A Little About Tiffany & Co

Charles Lewis Tiffany and his partner J.B. Young founded Tiffany & Young in 1838. It was a fancy goods store located on Broadway in Manhattan, New York City. The store was quickly successful, and in 1841, Ellis, another partner, joined.

Charles Lewis Tiffany gained sole control in 1853 and renamed the company Tiffany & Co, a name it’s kept ever since. Mr. Tiffany began to develop the identity of Tiffany & Co and soon became the King of Diamonds. The purchase of the Tiffany diamond came in 1878, which was a canary yellow diamond weighing in at a whopping 128.54 carats.

The store stayed relevant and popular throughout the 1900s. It moved to its current location on Fifth Avenue in 1940.

The Tiffany & Co Legacy

Tiffany & Co has always been the undoubted leader in sterling silver. They’ve set the standard for American silver, only offering the finest products, including accessories and home objects. People know they’re receiving a quality piece when they purchase a Tiffany antique.

So, what makes Tiffany silver antiques different? Tiffany & Co silver represents the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality. Top silversmiths crafted these antique pieces, which feature beautiful, intricate designs. Tiffany & Co’s antique sterling silver defines the art of contemporary decorating and entertaining.

Collecting Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver

Collectors love adding sterling silver Tiffany antiques to their collections. For some, these are the only products they want. To ensure you get an authentic Tiffany & Co silver piece, look for the AG925 stamp. This mark symbolizes the silver’s .925 purity.

When you purchase an authentic Tiffany antique, you invest in the highest quality antiques possible. These are the pieces you pass on for generations. They’ll last for decades and continue beautifully decorating dining room tables, entryways, and kitchens, never going out of style.

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