Selling antiques is a tricky thing. You want to ensure you get a fair offer, but you don’t know if the demand will change or if the price will increase. So, when should you consider selling your antiques? Below you’ll find advice to help navigate these difficult waters.

Sell During the Hype

If one of your antiques is all over the news right now, it’s time to sell. If you have a baseball card, Wheaties box, or jersey of a retiring player, that’s a great time to sell. The demand for these players’ items increases because fewer will be produced if they’re not out of production already.

Look for news stories surrounding your particular antiques. If the item is trending on social media or in the press, sell them before collectors turn to different objects.

Consider Selling on Consignment

Consignment is a selling process when a shop displays your antique until they sell the item. You’ll receive payment once the shop sells the object. Plus, the consignment shop will take a cut of the earnings.

People use consignment shops because they don’t want to put in the work. It’s easier to hand over the antique and allow them to figure out pricing. You may be unaware of the demand and pricing of your item, and it’s easier than selling it yourself.

Receive an Offer You Can’t Refuse

It’s time to sell your antique when you receive an offer that’s right on the money. When you feel comfortable with the amount, there’s no reason not to sell.

You can hire appraisers to discover the correct price for your antique item. It’s important to note that factors affect the object’s price point. Is this item in demand? What condition is the antique in? Ensure you hire an appraiser you trust, and you can turn to multiple appraisers. You’ll have a good idea of what different professionals believe your item is worth.

Knowing when to sell your antiques can be a tricky process. If you don’t want to sell the item at all, don’t fold to the pressure. Antique items are also great to pass down from generation to generation.

If you’re wondering where to sell antique silver, turn to Nelson & Nelson Antiques. We have decades of experience buying and selling antiques. You may find something to catch your eye.