The most critical piece of information to remember about cleaning your sterling silver antiques at home is “easy does it.” You must proceed with caution, be extremely gentle with your antiques, and keep the cleaning to a minimum. Let’s get started with some simple guidelines to help you take care of your silver.

Cleaners To Use

It’s vital that you follow the instructions on the cleaners and only use the amount required. You can use more if needed. The following are silver cleaning products. You’ll find them listed from most abrasive to most gentle.

Expert Tips

Once you’ve cleaned the silver, a good dusting should be all it needs for a while. The best cleaning cloths for your silver are soft cloths such as microfiber towels or cotton dusters. Don’t wrap your antique sterling silver cutlery with elastic bands or store them in plastic bags because this will tarnish them quicker. One last tip for cleaning your sterling silver at home: don’t allow it to soak overnight in water.