Determining the value of your silver tray has many factors. Who designed and manufactured the tray being one, and the condition and date of the tray being another. Trends also affect the value of the tray. Some extremely old trays designed by specific makers will sell for thousands of dollars at auctions.

Check the Marking

Look on the back of the tray to find the hallmarks. Sometimes there’s only a single mark, and other times there are several alongside each other. You’re looking for digits, pictures, and letters. All the different markings refer to specific information that can help determine the value of your silver tray.

If you find a .925 embossed into your tray, this signifies it’s sterling silver. Sterling silver is the highest quality silver and will typically bring a higher sale price.


Purchase a hallmark guidebook to compare the markings you find on your tray. Notably, if the silver tray is over 100 years old or by a coveted designer, such as antique Tiffany silver, it’s most likely going to be a higher value.

Condition of the Tray

Search and feel around the tray for dents or bumps. A tray in poor condition is a lower value. If you find evidence of solder, it’s a sign of imitation or forgery.

Believe it or not, the heavier the silver tray, the more valuable the tray. The patterns appearing on the tray are also important indications of date and style. If your tray has a border with a silver rope twist, it could be from the desirable early 19th century. If your tray has sharp lines and angles, then it could be from the less desirable art-deco style of the early 20th century.

Current Demand

Checking different auction house’s websites is a fantastic way to understand the current sale prices and demand for silver. Look at the other silver trays that have recently sold or will sell soon. You can always consult with your local dealer or auction house to get a professional opinion and evaluation. Remember that these prices are estimates and dealers offer lower prices because they need to make a profit.