What Are Antique Picture Frames Made Of

The hallways in homes all over the country are filled with framed pictures smiling faces and beautiful memories. Few families don’t have a wonderful collection of snapshots from throughout the years. Whether the images are generations old or printed at home from an iPhone, they all have one thing in common: frames.

For many of us, the average frame does its job. Sometimes, though, there are those special memories that deserve something a little more unique. As such, many people choose to seek out and use antique sterling picture frames. However, looks alone aren’t always enough to spot the real deal. So, this leads to many would-be collectors asking, “What are antique picture frames?”

Why Choose Antique Frames?

Ultimately, choosing vintage decoration is a matter of taste. The variety of form, color, and even material varies greatly depending on the era. Typically, modern designs use plain colors and straight lines for a clean and understated look. Older frames are often much more decorative, and some are even playfully gaudy. It really depends on where in your home it will be hung and what image best suits it.

Antique Metal Picture Frames

Metal frames naturally hold up very well over the years, and many are made of very beautiful materials. While the average person likely thinks of a variety of flimsy alloy, there was a time when items such as antique silver picture frames were not uncommon. Thus, the question of, “What are antique picture frames made of?” might come to mind as these frames are not only beautiful but also retain their value. Other frames often only retain their worth in relation to retro fads, whereas silver items always are in good taste and demand.