Vintage Newborn Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for a new addition to the family is always a challenge. With so many options of toys, tools, and collectibles, it’s tough to find something truly unusual. Rather than digging through stores that all provide the same modern merchandise, choosing from vintage newborn gift ideas is a great way to make your gift stand out.

Antique Dishware

Of all the vintage newborn gift ideas traditionally given, none are so well known as silver dishware, particularly the silver spoon and silver baby cup. The former is, of course, a popular symbol of good fortune, making it an auspicious gift as well.

Cups are also well-received gifts with practical applications, as silver is food safe. Both items can be engraved, too, allowing for added personalization. On spoons, the child’s name is often engraved into the handle or bowl of the spoon. The larger surface area of cups is better for detailed engravings, such as full names and parent names.

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Vintage Rattles

When it comes to memorable gifts for newborns, there is nothing quite like silver playthings. Many different forms of antique toys can be found in collections and shops across the nation. The most common variety of silver baby toys are rattles.

Often, they feature a beautiful ornament of silver while the rest of the piece is made of other materials, such as a plastic chew ring. The most common variety is dumbbell-shaped—perfect for a baby to grab. Pieces vary from undecorated to ornately engraved. Rattles are made to be light and have smooth seams, so there’s no risk of harm to the rattle or baby during playtime.

Collectable Figures

A vast variety of silver pieces can be found molded into ornate decorations, including antique silver Christmas ornaments, baby charms, and figurines, just to name a few. Often, these pieces are not intended for use but are instead wonderful and rare collector pieces.

Parents will be thrilled by the sheer variety found in silver figurines, particularly the availability of silver featuring beloved characters and baby-themed objects. Nothing is quite as impressive as a hutch full of shining silver collectibles. And, as the child grows up, they’ll enjoy gazing at the growing collection.