The History of Silver Salver Trays

Silver salvers are rich in history. These products have been around for centuries, and they were even used by royalty at some point. Read more about the history of silver salver trays to determine if there’s a hidden treasure in your family’s legacy.

16th & 17th Centuries

People used silver salvers during the 16th century to keep royals from being poisoned. Yes, you read that right. Helpers would place food and drinks on a regular tray and taste them. If they weren’t poisoned, they would then place these items on a silver salver, meaning that royalty could digest them. Isn’t it crazy to think that some workers lost their lives testing out certain items?

18th & 19th Centuries

In the 18th and 19th centuries, salvers were used to indicate people’s wealth. The more intricate the designs were, the more money a person had. The same sentiment is still true today. As long as these items are still in mint condition, they could be worth a pretty penny. It’s also worth noting that certain sports tournaments used silver salvers as a trophy. For example, during the 19th century, tennis began awarding silver salvers to those who won championships. More recently, the second-place winner of the Masters Tournament receives a silver salver.

20th & 21st Centuries

Nowadays, silver salvers are still used to point out a person’s wealth. However, during recent times, these items have also been used to cement a family’s legacy. Some people pass them down as heirlooms between generations, using them as a way to form intergenerational bonds. Anyone thinking of selling a silver salver needs to think about putting their family’s legacy at risk before doing so.

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