What To Consider Before Selling Antique Silver

Not every heirloom you inherit is worth keeping. Sometimes, the collection just gets so big you have to get rid of some things. Luckily, you can sell antique silver for a pretty penny. However, you need to think about a few factors before you do so. Here’s what to consider before selling antique silver so that you don’t make any silly mistakes.

What Condition Is It in?

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when selling antique silver is the condition it’s in. You must take care of the items in your possession if you want them to be worth anything. Here are a few tips to follow when caring for your antique silver:

Any Markings?

If you’re wondering what to consider before selling antique silver, you should know about silver markings. A previous blog post discussed these markings. Artisans used these special markings on their creations to differentiate them from others on the market. Some of these markings would commemorate nationalism or the date the object was created. Depending on how unique the marking is, your antique silver may be worth more money.

Of course, you need to do your research before selling your silver. Only sell it to reputable dealers that will give you the money you deserve. For example, we buy sterling silver at Nelson and Nelson Antiques. We understand that it may be hard to let go of your family heirloom. We’ll be transparent with you throughout the entire process so that it’s a beneficial interaction for you. The next time you want to sell an antique silver item in your collection, contact us.