What To Add To Your Antique Silver Collection

Antique silver collections are something to behold. If you have one, then you know how it feels when people marvel at your artifacts. This article will discuss what to add to your antique silver collection. Perhaps there’s a beautiful object at a dealer that you may have missed.


A previous blog post examined the differences between flatware and hollowware. Essentially, flatware is cutlery—or the items you use to cut your food and feed yourself. Hollowware, on the other hand, describes the objects that belong on the dinner table. Here are a few examples of popular hollowware that you should add to your antique silver collection:


Tiffany sterling silver boxes are another excellent addition to an antique collection. Whether it’s a cigar box or a place you can keep mementos, you can admire these objects for years to come. At Nelson and Nelson Antiques, we have gift boxes and cigar boxes from the 20th century. These items are incredibly detailed and are a great investment if you take care of them.

Vanity Items

Sometimes, you want your vanity items to look as beautiful as you are. Anyone who wants to impress beauty enthusiasts should purchase some of these objects from Nelson and Nelson Antiques. We have compacts and mirrors that can serve as an excellent family heirloom to be passed down between generations.

Bar Accessories

Everyone wishes they could have parties this year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made this an impossibility. However, you can still get antique bar accessories to make sure that your home’s entertainment room stands out. We have shakers and flasks you can put on display to ensure that people are impressed with every visit.

This article has discussed what to add to your antique silver collection. Without these artifacts, your collection will be incomplete. Make sure to work with a reputable dealer when you go shopping.