Maintaining Your Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms help form intergenerational bonds. For example, grandchildren may feel more connected to their grandparents if they receive an antique picture frame from them. Not only is the item sentimental, but older adults can share the rich history of the product with younger family members. Since these items carry such significance, you should not underestimate the importance of maintaining your family heirlooms. The more you take care of the pieces, the more people will be able to cherish them in the future.


The first step in maintaining your family heirlooms is storing them properly. It would be unwise to throw your sterling trays in a drawer with other dishes. Rather, if you want to pass down the item, you must place it in a safe location. Perhaps buy a china cabinet where you can put the piece on display when people come to visit. Correct storage will not only prevent scratches and stains, but a beautiful display will also stir envy amongst guests.


If you want to pass down an heirloom to other generations, you have to clean it. Cleaning silver products is a much more intense process than you may think. You should use a paste polish to clean the objects. You’ll also need warm water to rinse the paste polish out of raised items. Be gentle while handling to ensure that nothing gets damaged during the process.

It is crucial to maintain your heirlooms so they can continue to be passed down. These pieces bring family members together, and they cement a family’s legacy. If you want your family’s name to stand the test of time, take care of the pieces in your possession. How amazing is it to think that your future great-grandchild might use the same sterling tray you have at home right now? If your family does not own any heirlooms, check out Nelson and Nelson Antiques today. We have stunning items that everyone in the family will adore.