The Different Pieces of Hollowware

Every host knows how important it is to have hollowware on the dinner table. Unlike flatware, hollowware is not cutlery, meaning people don’t use it to cut or transport food to their mouths. Instead, hollowware consists of decorative pieces that add flair to the table. It’s important to note that hollowware can still be practical even though it’s also cosmetic. This article lists the different pieces of hollowware that every distinguished host should have in their china cabinet.


Before the host can serve dinner, they must present it on a dazzling tray. That’s why silver salvers are some of the most popular pieces of hollowware. Antique salvers are gorgeous, and they set the tone for the rest of the evening. People can use their salvers anytime they have a dinner party, though they must know the proper maintenance steps to prevent tarnish. You should never use harsh chemicals while cleaning salvers so as not to damage the piece.

Bread-and-Butter Plates

Nothing is more scrumptious than a piece of buttered bread with dinner. Hosts can make their dinner tables more beautiful by purchasing antique bread-and-butter plates. Vintage bread-and-butter plates have intricate designs, showing how skilled craftsmen were in the past. People who want to hear flattery from their guests should think about buying these items.


People who want to host an elegant dinner might consider buying antique candlesticks. Nelson & Nelson Antiques has beautiful silver candlesticks dating back to the eighteenth century. These items will create a sophisticated ambiance in the room. Moreover, candlesticks may spark conservation between guests.


Teapots are another kind of hollowware people can leave out to add glamour to their homes’ décor. After all, nothing’s more relaxing than an afternoon cup of tea. Why shouldn’t someone feel elegant during teatime? Antique teapots are beautiful because artisans put in tremendous effort to make each item unique. The teapots at Nelson & Nelson Antiques have so many details that it’s almost hard for the eyes to focus on just one aspect. People will certainly marvel at these artifacts every time they’re on display.

These are the different pieces of hollowware every dedicated host should have at their home. All of these items add a hint of sophistication to a dining room’s décor. Anyone looking to capture an elegant ambiance at their next dinner party should check out Nelson & Nelson Antique’s selection today.