Ways to Decorate Your Home With Antique Silver

Interior design gives you a chance to show the world who you are. The right home décor accessories can also spark conversation amongst guests. If you want to appear sophisticated and stimulate lively debates, you should think about adding antique silver pieces into your design. This article will explain the ways to decorate your home with antique silver. People will be so impressed by your choices, so get ready for lots of compliments.

Picture Frames

Photos help make a house a home. There’s something so special about walking through hallways and seeing snapshots of a person’s life. One way to make your photo wall more elegant is by purchasing antique silver picture frames. These exquisite household accessories will enhance the beauty of any picture you want to display. Nelson and Nelson Antiques offers the finest antique frames on the market. We sell frames from different eras in history, each with its own remarkable detailing. Guests will be in awe of their beauty and want to know more about their history. Take a look at our vast collection today.


Fresh flowers liven up any space and add color where it is needed. Since these plants are so beautiful, they deserve an equally gorgeous vase. Consider adding antique silver vases to your collection if you haven’t already. Nelson and Nelson Antiques sells detailed vases with interesting designs if you want something more elaborate. These accessories are colorful and will catch people’s eyes the minute they enter the room. Each of these items also tells a story that you can share with curious guests the next time they visit.


Another way to decorate your home with antique silver is with hollowware. Unlike flatware, hollowware is an accessory that anyone can add to their tables. Items like a serving tray or a gravy boat would fall under this category. Nelson and Nelson Antiques has a wide variety of hollowware for people who love to host dinner parties. These pieces add sophistication to any table, and people can discuss the origins of the accessories over a delicious meal.