How to Polish Antique Silver Without Reducing Its Value

Silver accessories make a statement. Dinner guests are immediately impressed when they see silver hollowware on the dining room table. Yet, you must take care of your silver pieces to maintain their shine. This guide on how to polish antique silver without reducing its value will help you care for your items for years to come.

Handle With Care

The most important thing to remember when polishing antique silver is to be gentle. Wear cotton gloves while handling the items; latex varieties may leave unwanted fingerprints. Next, use a soft-bristled brush to get in the nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach otherwise. Be mindful to remove any loose pieces before completing this step. The last thing you want is for a part to fall off and crack. Rinsing the silver under some warm water is helpful if there are any stains that you’re having trouble removing.

You can use special silver polishes to clean your beloved accessories further. However, be mindful while you’re shopping. Only buy polishes that contain very few chemicals. Too many chemicals can tarnish the piece even more. When you do find the right product, be stingy in the amount you use. Place a small drop of the polish on a cloth or sponge, and wash the item in circular motions. Again, remember to always wear gloves. With the right products and cleaning routine, your silver will look as good as new.

Mistakes to Avoid

Silver serving trays are the perfect item for anyone who hosts dinner parties regularly. Yet, as beautiful as these objects are, food and drink stains appear on them rather quickly. You’ll likely have the urge to place the tray in the dishwasher when this happens—fight this instinct at all costs. Instead, follow the steps above to get rid of these markings. Dishwashers use too many chemicals and heavy water pressure; antique silver can’t handle it. Don’t make this mistake and ruin your precious silver.

Another mistake you should avoid is storing your silver improperly. Never leave your pieces out to air dry, as contaminants from the air will make things even worse. Instead, wipe it with a cloth, and wrap it in tissue paper or a silver cloth bag to protect it. Your treasured accessories will continue to look stunning if you follow these ways to polish antique silver without reducing its value. Hopefully, when you are ready to part ways, you can sell these items for a significant profit.