Most Common Types of Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms form intergenerational connections between people. When a grandmother passes down her diary to her granddaughter, an inexplicable bond is created. Moreover, family heirlooms cement a family’s legacy in stone. This article will overview the most common types of family heirlooms that are passed down between generations.


Every spectacular dinner host needs hollowware in their china cabinet. Hollowware refers to all the accessories that are placed on a dining table except for flatware and cutlery. Items like a water pitcher, teapot, sugar bowl, or a gravy boat are examples of hollowware. These accessories help complete a dining table. Lots of people pass down hollowware to younger generations because it’s beautiful. Also, antique hollowware will spark conversation among dinner guests. So consider giving a family member an antique silver serving tray. Your loved one will be thrilled to receive such a meaningful gift that they can use when entertaining.

Baby Accessories

Having a baby is one of the most momentous events in a person’s life. One thing that would make the moment even more special is receiving an heirloom from a family member to give to the child. Many people pass down antique rattles when a new baby is born into the family. This sentiment connects older generations to younger ones. Also, it can be a touching family tradition to continue every time there’s a new birth. Make sure to sanitize the rattle before you give it to the baby, though. After all, babies tend to put everything in their mouths.

Picture Frames

Seeing pictures of your grandparents when they were younger is a moving experience. It’s incredible to look through old photos and hear about what older family members were up to in their youth. A lot of grandparents pass down antique picture frames to younger generations so they can put a current photo in it. If you do inherit an older picture frame, place it near the entrance of your home so that it grabs people’s attention right away. Antique picture frames are stunning and incredibly detailed. Guests will undoubtedly want to learn more about the item when they see it.

The most common types of family heirlooms are picture frames, baby accessories, and hollowware. People inherit these items because they’re gorgeous and have sentimental value. If you have an antique piece that you know a loved one will appreciate, hand it down to them. You’ll never forget their smile when they received it.