The Best Gift Ideas for Antique Lovers

Antiques are not only beautiful but also provide a mirror into the past. People collect antiques because they stir conversation among guests, and they’re incredibly valuable if kept in mint condition. Here are four of the best gift ideas for antique lovers if you’re searching for the perfect present. The recipient of your gift will be touched that you put so much time and effort into making them feel special.



Hollowware ties the entire dinner table together. Unlike flatware (cutlery that’s used for individual place settings), hollowware refers to all tableware that accompanies cutlery. Sugar bowls, platters, butter plates, and candlesticks are examples of hollowware. The antique lover in your life will appreciate this gift because any piece of antique hollowware will add style to the table. Dinner guests won’t stop raving about the items the next time you host a dinner party. Please take a look at our collection of hollowware at Nelson and Nelson Antiques. We’re one of the most trusted antique dealers in NYC. So you can be sure that you’re getting beautiful artifacts that are also high quality.

Picture Frames

Picture Frames

The best way to make your home inviting is to place picture frames in areas of high visibility. Friends and family love to walk through a house and see your memories. You can elevate the beauty of your photos with an antique picture frame. Search for stunning antique picture frames that you can give to someone special in your life. There are plenty of options made from different materials with unique detailing. The recipient will think of you every time they look at the frame, and its worth may even increase in value one day.

Bar Accessories

Bar Accessories

If you know anyone with a home bar, you should definitely buy them some antique bar accessories. One of the best reasons to have a home bar is that you can show off your merchandise. Nothing will impress partygoers more than a sterling silver and glass cocktail shaker. Guests will also get a kick out of looking at a midcentury ice bucket or a sterling silver flask. Again, we have everything you need to complete your home bar at Nelson and Nelson Antiques. Be careful, though. You’ll undoubtedly be asked to throw every get-together for the foreseeable future.

Beauty-Related Items

Beauty Related Items

Beauty-related items are one of the best gift ideas for antique lovers. There something so special about owning a mirror from the 1920s or an overlay perfume bottle. Everyone will get a glimpse into the past by looking at these pieces. Also, vanity items are excellent heirlooms to pass down to younger generations. Granddaughters would love to receive an antique powder jar from their grandmothers. If you want to start a family tradition, consider buying some beauty-related items for the antique lovers in your life. These pieces are genuinely gorgeous, and they’ll be worth something if they’re properly taken care of.