The Difference Between Antique and Vintage Silver

Not all silver is the same. To the naked eye, it’s easy to think that all silver is equal. Yet trained professionals know there are major differences between certain types of silver. For example, sterling silver is unlike fine silver because it’s an alloy made up of several other components. Also, there are striking variances between antique and vintage silver. This article will overview those differences and explain why it’s important for collectors to understand them.


One of the most significant differences between antique silver and vintage silver is their age. For a piece to be considered antique silver, it must be over 100 years old. Silver items from the nineteenth century and early twentieth would be classified as antiques. Vintage silver, on the other hand, is 50 years old or younger. Typically, antique silver items are worth more money. As with most collectibles, the older the item, the more money it’s worth. Of course, there are stipulations. These pieces must be kept in pristine condition if the owners ever want to make a profit. For example, if you have an antique silver platter in your possession, you must take good care of it if you ever want to sell it down the line.


If you’re on the hunt for more practical silver pieces, then vintage silver is the best option for you. Since antique silver is older, people tend not to showcase or flaunt it as much. In fact, many people who own antique silver items keep them in a special case so they don’t get damaged. Antique silver items are better suited for being admired. Conversely, vintage silver is more practical for people who like to show off or use their silver items. While vintage silver is older than modern silver, it’s still less likely to break than antique silver.

Antique silver and vintage silver are both beautiful and have their own advantages. But if you’re hoping to sell the items in the future, antique silver is the best option for you. As long as you keep the items in excellent condition, you’ll make a profit when it comes time to sell. However, if you want to show off your silver pieces to your family and friends, consider buying something vintage. Whatever you decide, just remember to take care of your silver.