The Difference Between Flatware and Hollowware

A great dinner party starts with a spectacular table. The table setting sets the tone for the entire soiree. That’s why it’s so vital that your table is dressed to the nines. Hosts should never put out any old dinnerware they have in their china cabinet. Instead, you should put out the finest flatware and hollowware you have available. This useful guide will explain the difference between flatware and hollowware, so you can properly set the table the next time you have company at your house.

What Is Flatware?

Flatware is something everyone is familiar with. Flatware refers to the cutlery that you use to eat a meal. This includes forks, knives, and spoons. Flatware sees its fair share of wear and tear. However, flatware can still be beautiful despite its frequent usage. You can purchase sterling silver utensils with intricate designs that’ll undoubtedly add a bit of flair to the table. As long as you maintain the cutlery, it’ll stay in good shape for years to come. You might even be able to pass down the items to younger generations in the family.

Hollowware Explained

Hollowware is tableware that accompanies dishware on a table. Unlike flatware, hollowware doesn’t include cutlery. Hollowware includes vessels such as water pitchers, gravy boats, tureens, teapots, and other metal tableware such as candlesticks and napkin rings. These items are typically given as wedding gifts to couples to outfit their dining tables. Hollowware is incredibly durable and consists of a thicker silver than most other metal items. Some hollowware, such as sterling silver candlesticks, are used for decoration. Elements of hollowware help tie the entire table setting together.

There’s nothing better than gathering around the dinner table with the people you love. Yet if you want to be a welcoming host, you must set the most beautiful table possible. Use the most stunning pieces of flatware and hollowware at your disposal. This article has explained the difference between flatware and hollowware for first-time dinner party hosts who are anxious about planning a special dinner or holiday meal. Now that you know the contrasts between these items, please look at our gorgeous collection of hollowware at Nelson and Nelson Antiques. You’ll be amazed at our range of selections, and you can pass down the items to younger generations of your family in the future.