sell your antiquesSelling your antiques is very different from selling everyday items. This isn't something people do on a daily basis, making it different from selling on the local market especially because the value can be quite tricky to determine. The resale industry is estimated to have annual revenues of $17.5 billion a year, which includes revenue from antique stores. So many people are not sure where to get started when selling their valuables. Here are tips to put you on the right path and sell your antiques for a fair amount:

  1. Keep collections together: Make sure your collection is intact. Buyers prefer to buy a full set rather than pick an item here and there to make it a collection. If you are selling a Sterling silver tea set or your pure silver tea set, have all your cups and pots together. Clients do not want a set of 1979 baseball cards if the Pete Rose card is missing. Or a set of Beatles dolls without Ringo. A full set is worth more than one with a missing piece. Find the missing piece!

  2. Sell according to the season: Some items sell for a better price during certain seasons so look at the calendar before you sell. Collectible holiday ornaments will obviously not sell for top dollar in June but a Mother’s Day collection will fetch a higher price around May. Some items do not have seasons and that’s ok, but if your antique looks like something you can associate with a season, holiday, or week, keep it intact and sell it off then.

  3. Let a professional appraiser have a look: You may have a valuable antique but might not be sure how much you can actually sell it for. Your best option would be to let a professional appraiser look at it and advise you. Look for a professional who specializes in your type of antique. They will be more accurate than a professional specializing in something different. Your appraisal will include a written report with details of what an item is, how much they believe it’s worth, and how the price was estimated. Appraisals are best if your antique is a painting, artwork, ancient artifact, coin, or jewelry.

  4. Choose a place to sell: To sell your antiques, there are several methods you can consider. For instance, you can sell it at a live auction if they are in mint or near mint conditions. Contact your local auction house and find out the procedure for listing your item on the market. 
    You can also give your item to a consignment shop. Consignments shops are businesses that house and sell your valuables for a percentage of the revenue. Some shops specialize in specific items such as antique gold jewelry while others take on anything with value including antique Sterling silver. If you prefer to sell off the item yourself, you can have it listed online on a site like eBay, Ruby Lane, and Etsy.


Deciding whether to sell your antiques might not be a walk in the part as you are not likely to find a one-stop shop, especially if this your first time selling. However, selling your valuables does not have to be a headache if you follow the tips outlined here. Give Nelson and Nelson Antiques a call right away!