selling silverMaybe your great grandma gifted you her antique silver tea set, or perhaps you're just interested in collecting and selling silver. Whatever the reason, you’ve now got an interesting collection of vintage metal objects. While old silverware and plates can be irresistible purchases, these beautiful objects can be hard to show off in a modern home. Give your home fresh charm and bring that silver into this century with these four decorating tips:

  1. Don’t Just Store it Away

    Silver and silver alloys are long-enduring metals with current and historic value. In fact, the words for "silver" and "money" have the same meaning in 14 different languages. You may be tempted to protect valuable heirlooms and antiques by putting them in a box or hiding them in the attic. However, not only is this a sad fate for beautiful objects, but improper storage can also damage fine metals. Without regular polishing and care, forgotten silver may begin to tarnish, sometimes beyond repair. Look into silver lacquer and airtight storage options if you do not wish to display objects or if you plan on selling silver at a later date.

  3. Don’t always Be Matchy-Matchy

    These days it seems we are inundated with images of the perfect interior designs-- the internet, TV shows and magazines all seem to display homes with every shape, color, and style carefully coordinated. However, closer inspection reveals that an important secret of good design is to not be overly matchy. Rooms in which every object is nearly identical lose interest and energy. When buying silver antiques, don’t fret if a tea set or candlestick bundle is mismatched. Visual variety can actually help your room achieve an exciting style and can help highlight your unique silver collection. Similarly, when selling silver, don’t think you can’t get a good price for a collection that isn’t perfectly matched.

  5. Go for the Upcycle

    Lifestyles change over time. While in the past, every respectable home had a fine sterling silver tea set, today many people don’t even serve tea. If you’re unsure how to incorporate items that don’t match your needs, think about repurposing. A silver tea tray might make a fun, reflective bit of wall art. A teapot can become a flower vase, and a spoon can be transformed into jewelry. The only limit with silver decorations is the designer’s imagination.


You may be inclined to protect valuables in storage, or you may simply be unsure how to do their quirks justice without overpowering your interior designs. But, through bold experimentation with style and upcycling, you can give your antique sterling silver and your home new life.