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Traditional Georgian sterling silver salver. Made by Mappin & Webb in Sheffield in 1960. Molded curvilinear piecrust rim. Three hoof supports. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1 1/8 x D 8 in. Weight: 10.5 troy ounces. #BQ873

Listed Price $700.00

Turn-of-the-century Austrian silver cigar cutter. Jowly, floppy-eared hound's head mounted to oak-leaf wrapped handle. Springy blade set in back. Endearing canine portrayal and tactile, easy-grip form. Marked. Very good condition.

Length: 5 1/4 in. Gross weight: 2.5 troy ounces. #BS884

Listed Price $1,850.00

Set of 12 sterling silver ashtrays. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. Each: Rectangular with tapering sides and concave ovalish cradle. The individual size that makes smoking look stylish. Dangerous table accessories. Fully marked. Six have director’s letter m (1907-47) and 6 have director’s letter L (1956-ca 1965). In latter group, 2 have pattern no. 59001. All other ashtrays have pattern no. 19099. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1/4 x W 3 3/4 x D 3 1/4 in. Heavy total weight: 27... Click for details

Listed Price $2,000.00

Pair of gift-quality repousse sterling silver salt & pepper shakers. Made by Jacobi & Jenkins in Baltimore, who were active from 1894-1908. Each: Baluster with floral repousse on stippled ground. Three leaf-mounted volute supports. Cover bell-form with stippled vertical leaves and piercing. Fully marked. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 5 1/4 x D 2 1/8 in. Total weight: 6 troy ounces. #BR464

Listed Price $450.00

Modern sterling silver portable picture frame. Made by Birks in Canada, ca 1930. Three hinged frames. Each frame has rectangular window and flat surround with engine-turned wave ornament. Back has allover dotted lines set in tooled wave border. Hinged hasp for ensuring the privacy of a special trio. Marked “Sterling Birks”. Very good condition.

Dimensions: Each frame: H 2 5/8 x W 2 in. Each window: H 2 1/8 x W 1 1/2 in. #BR380

Listed Price $495.00

Large German 800 silver stirrup cup, ca 1910. Cast boar’s head bowl with coarse fur, beady eyes, alert ears, and scary carnivore teeth. Oak-leaf collar and plain oval collar. A ferocious easy-grip beast; fingers wrap easily around snout. Fully marked including maker’s stamp “Foehr”. Very good condition with nice patina.

Dimensions: H 7 1/4 x W 4 1/2 x D 3 1/2 in. Weight: 15 troy ounces. #BS871

Listed Price $4,500.00

Modern sterling silver dish. Hand-made by Stone Associates in Gardner, Mass., ca 1940. Squarish with 4 fluidly carved and tapering sides, and coupe rim. Fully marked including maker’s stamp and craftsman’s initial C. Very good condition.

Dimensions: H 1/2 x W 5 1/8 x D 5 1/8 in. Weight: 5 troy ounces. #BR421 & BR423

Listed Price $350.00

Classical coin silver baby cup, ca 1850. Octagonal with gently tapering sides and plain facets alternating with ornamented ones engraved with vertical scrolls and flowers. Leaf-and-dart rims. Leaf-capped s-scroll handle. A pretty, girly design by by Tifft & Whiting who were active in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, ca 1840-53. Fully marked with maker’s stamp and phrase “Pure Silver Coin”. Very good condition.

Overall dimensions: H 3 5/8 x W 3 7/8 x D 2 1/2 in. Weight: 3 troy ounces.... Click for details

Listed Price $695.00

George V sterling silver mazer bowl. Made by Mappin & Webb in Sheffield in 1930-31. Bowl: has stained-wood bottom with inset foot ring. Flared sterling silver collar with applied Celtic ornament: Alternating shaped rectilinear frames inset with knotwork and raised and beaded rondels tooled with same. Spoon has tapering handle and round bowl. Terminal applied with same rondel. Fully marked. Date letters for bowl (1931) and spoon (1930). Very good condition.

Dimensions: Bowl: H 3 1/2 x D 6 3/8... Click for details

Listed Price $895.00

Art Deco sterling silver drinks set for one. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1930. This set comprises carafe, cup, and tray in the faceted geometric style.

Carafe has curved sides with girdle, leaf-capped s-scroll handle, stepped foot. Onion-dome stopper with ball finial and cork plug. Interior has glass insulation. Cup has curved sides and stepped foot. Tray round with deep well and molded rim. For the nightstand or desk.

Fully marked. Cup and tray stamped “Tiffany & Co. /... Click for details

Listed Price $4,800.00

Classical coin silver baby cup, Drum-form with ribbing and beading. Engraved quivers, flowers, and leaves forming cartouche (vacant). Scroll-bracket handle. Marked “G. W & H” for Gale, Woods & Hughes, a New York maker active ca 1833-45. Good condition with attractive period wear. Engraved ornament is nicely “sunk”.

Dimensions: H 3 x W 3 1/2 x D 2 3/8 in. Weight: 2.5 troy ounces. #BS878

Listed Price $500.00

Classical coin silver baby cup. Made by John L. Westervelt in New York, ca 1860. Straight and gently tapering sides, capped s-scroll handle, and beaded rims. Two rondels interspersed with fleurs de lys and inset with male and female Renaissance profiles. Large round cartouche with strapwork border (vacant). A beautiful example of the Medallion motif that Westervelt also used on his flatware. Marked “J. L. W.” Very good condition with strong definition.

Dimensions: H 3 3/4 x W 4 1/8 x D 2... Click for details

Listed Price $700.00
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