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Sale Price: $26,000.00
Listed Price $40,000.00
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Roman Forum - Italian Micromosaic Plaque
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Sale Price: $26,000.00
Listed Price $40,000.00

This is a superb quality large framed micro mosaic depiction of the Roman Forum, skillfully made to the very highest standards from assorted miniature pieces of colored stone. The myriad and perfectly matched pieces have been expertly assembled to create an exquisite and extraordinarily detailed rendering of the Roman Forum comprising beautifully life-like renditions of the Temple of Vespasian, the Arch of Septimius Severus, the remains of the Temple of Saturn, the 3 remaining columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Palatine Hill, and, in the distance, the Coliseum and the Arch of Titus. Completing the picture, in the foreground and dwarfed by the magnificent structures all around them, are two groups of tourists dressed in the fashions of the Italian Renaissance. The scene has been crafted with such skill and precision that it resembles a beautifully observed painting and only upon closer inspection does its true nature become apparent, at which time one can only marvel at the painstaking labor and masterful precision that went into the creation of such a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. The picture has been expertly created from stones in warm shades of cream and beige with lovely deeper brown shadows on the buildings and walkways, vibrant grassy green areas clearly visible all around and all set against a delicately shaded pale blue sky above. The colors are all soft and pleasing to the eye and are as fresh and vital as when they were first set into the plaque. The plaque is oval in shape and has been set into a dramatic black slate frame with curved corners and this, in turn, has been effectively bordered by an outer rectangular frame of dark wood, the contrast of the black border and the dark frame serving to perfectly highlight the softly muted coloration of the lovely picture within. The back of the frame has been freshly outfitted with a pair of metal rings so that the plaque can be displayed hanging on a wall. The micro mosaic stones are all in perfect, pristine condition with no chips, cracks or damage of any kind. This wonderfully distinctive work of art measures approx. 15” x approx. 7 ¾”, including the frame it measures approx. 18 ¼” x approx. 10 ¾”. It would make a truly original and unique souvenir for anyone with a love of ancient Rome and is also a first class example of the art of micro mosaic work at its very finest.