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Sterling silver service in Faneuil pattern. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York. This set comprises 105 pieces (all dimensions in inches): Knives: 12 knives (9 1/4) and 12 butter spreaders (5 7/8); Spoons: 12 teaspoons (6), 12 soup spoons (7 1/8), 12 cream soup spoons (6 3/4), and 12 demitasse spoons (4 1/4); Forks: 12 forks (7) and 12 salad forks (6 3/4); Serving pieces: 3 spoons (8 3/4), 1 cold meat fork (8 1/2), 1 sauce ladle (7), 1 sugar spoon (5 3/4), 1 master butter (6 3/4), 1 cake server... Click for details

Sale Price: $5,250.00
Listed Price $7,500.00

Gilded Age sterling silver bonbon scoop. Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1890. Trefoil bowl and shaped handle. Flowers, foliage, scallop shells on pieced scrollwork. Handle has solid oval cartouche (vacant). A sumptuous piece with year-round possibilities. Dispense Halloween candy in style. Hallmarked. Fine condition.

Length: 12 3/8 in. Weight: 14 troy ounces. BM851

Sale Price: $1,575.00
Listed Price $2,250.00

Rare sterling silver berry spoon in Vine pattern (popularly known as Fruits & Flowers). Made by Tiffany & Co. in New York, ca 1880. Handle decorated with fruiting grapevine on stippled ground. Bowl conch-form with double-sided gilding. A fine piece in the Japonesque pattern that was in production from 1872 to before 1904. Hallmarked. Nice definition and patina.

Length: 9 1/2 in. Weight: 3.3 troy ounces. BM790

Sale Price: $486.50
Listed Price $695.00

Sterling silver long-handled salad serving set in Lap Over Edge pattern. Made by Tiffany, ca. 1885. This pair comprises 1 fork and 1 spoon. Both pieces have allover hammering, a tapering handle, and applied ornament (fish and foliage on fork, foliage on spoon). The fork shank has a curvilinear bowl and 3 tines. The spoon has a crimped and scalloped bowl. Shank and bowl interior lightly gilt.

An early pair in this pattern, which was first produced in 1880. Hallmarked. Excellent condition... Click for details

Sale Price: $4,550.00
Listed Price $6,500.00

Sterling silver flatware set in Renaissance pattern. Made by Tiffany, C 1920. This set comprises 181 pieces: 12 dinner forks, 12 place forks, 12 salad forks, 12 tablespoons, 23 teaspoons, 12 bouillon spoons, 12 sorbet spoons, 11 melon spoons, 11 ice cream spoons, 12 demi spoons. 12 butter knives, 12 place knives, 12 banquet knives, 1 large pierced spoon, 1 sandwich tongs, 3-piece carving set, 1 large meat fork, 1 serrated cake server, 1 meat fork, 2-piece fish set, 1 tomato server, 1 bonbon... Click for details

Sale Price: Sold

3-piece sterling silver place setting in Arts & Crafts style. Made by Tiffany, C 1910. Hammered handles. Spoon bowl lightly gilt. Knife blade sterling silver. An example of the Craftsman influence on the American silver giant. Fully hallmarked. Delicate patina. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: Knife (L 7 ½ in), fork (L 6 ¼ in), spoon (L 6 ¾ in). Total weight: 5 Troy Ounces. BD355

Sale Price: $486.50
Listed Price $695.00