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See our selection of Silver Overlay perfume bottles, decanters, vases, pitchers and trivets. The best source for silver overlay perfume bottles antique sterling silver. Buy a silver overlay and crystal decanter, silver overlay pitcher, silver overlay trivet, silver overlay vase in clear, ruby red cranberry glass, or emerald green glass
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Modern Gothic Glass Decanter with Silver Overlay C 1880

Clear glass decanter with Modern Gothic silver overlay, ca. 1880. Faceted with upward tapering sides, knopped and cylindrical neck, and everted rim. Faceted teardrop stopper with short and frosted plug. Overlay with Gothic arches and scroll tracery. Neck and rim in silver collar as is stopper neck. A rare example of overlay in this style.

Dimensions: H 13 1/2 x D 4 1/2 in. BL824

American Emerald Glass Vase with Silver Overlay C 1900

American emerald glass vase with silver overlay, ca. 1900. Ovoid body, foot ring, and ruffled rim. Symmetrical silver overlay with scrolls, flowers, and cherries. Heraldic cartouche has script monogram. Hallmarked Sterling D195. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 8 1/2 x D 3 1/8 in. BL788

Iridescent Bud Vase with Silver Overlay - American Art Glass

Iridescent glass vase with silver overlay. Made by Alvin in Providence, ca. 1900. Baluster on squat and round base. Floral overlay with pretty and simple blossoms. Hallmarked. Excellent condition with fine color and patina.

Dimensions: H 4 ½ x D 2 ½ in. BL789

Large Red Glass Perfume with Floral Overlay by Gorham C 1900

Large ruby glass perfume with floral silver overlay. Made by Gorham in Providence, ca. 1900. Globular with short neck and everted rim. Ball stopper has short plug. Stylized floral overlay with scrolls and foliage. Ovoid cartouche (vacant). Silver collar to neck and rim as well as to stopper neck. Hallmarked. Excellent condition with rich color.

Dimensions: H 9 1/3 x D 5 1/4 in. BL384

Gorham Emerald Glass Decanter with Seascape Silver Overlay 1890

Emerald glass decanter with landscape silver overlay. Made by Gorham in Providence in 1890. Round and flat body with tapering cylindrical neck and scroll handle mounted to neck and body.

Overlay seascape depicts lighthouse and buildings against clouds and waves. On other side a mermaid riding a scallop shell beckons – an alluring invitation to drink. Silver collar and cover, which is hinged and cork lined. A wonderful example of pictorial overlay. Hallmark includes date symbol and no.... Click for details

American Liqueur Decanter with Floral Silver Overlay C 1900

Clear glass liqueur decanter with floral silver overlay. Made by Alvin in Providence, ca. 1900. Globular body, long and upward tapering neck, and everted rim. Teardrop stopper on concave and cylindrical neck terminating in short plug. Floral repousse and ovoid cartouche (vacant). Hallmarked. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 13 3/4 x D 3 3/4 in. BL822

American Silver Overlay Rye Decanter with Grain Heads C 1900

American clear glass rye decanter with silver overlay. Made for Shreve, Crump & Low in Boston, ca. 1900. Squat and round body, short cylindrical neck, helmet mouth, and scroll handle. Squat and round stopper with flat top and short and tapering plug. Overlay tendrils, scrolls, and grain heads. Armorial cartouche (vacant). Stopper top has engraved script monogram. Hallmark includes retailer’s name and 999/1000 silver. Excellent condition with deep patina.

Dimensions: H 7 x D 5 ¼ in.... Click for details

Beautiful Silver Overlay Bottle Decanter with Grapevine C 1900

Clear glass decanter bottle with silver overlay. Made by Alvin in Providence, ca. 1900.Baluster body, lobed shoulders, and faceted neck. Stopper is faceted lozenge with short plug. Fruiting grapevine and basket motif. Beautiful ornament that leaves plenty of open space to appreciate the hue of your favorite wine. Discreet script monogram. Hallmark includes no. 3741 and 999/1000. Excellent condition with nice patina.

Dimensions: H 12 1/4 x W 3 1/2 x D 3 1/2 in. BL823

Whiskey Decanter Bottle - Amber Glass & Silver Overlay

Amber glass whiskey bottle with silver overlay, ca. 1900. Straight sides and narrow, tapering neck. Allover thistle overlay with central asymmetrical cartouche (script monogram). Silver collar on mouth. Tapering silver stopper with cork plug. Excellent condition with rich color and patina. Cork is clean and intact.

Dimensions: H 12 ¾ x D 3 in. BL429

Art Nouveau Emerald Glass Vase with Silver Overlay

Art Nouveau emerald glass vase with floral silver overlay, ca. 1900. Baluster on spread foot. Symmetrical and naturalistic floral overlay with lush blooms and tight buds. Vacant heraldic cartouche. Excellent condition with rich color and patina.

Dimensions: H 10 x D 3 1/4 in. BL575

Glass Decanter with Grapevine Silver Overlay C 1910

American clear glass decanter with silver overlay, ca. 1910. Squat and bulbous bowl and tapering and faceted neck. On bowl are fruiting grapevine overlay and monogrammed cartouche. Lobed overlay on neck and neck base. Silver collar on rim with engraved phrase “Philippine Carnival 1916.” Faceted ball stopper has grapevine overlay, faceted neck in silver collar and short glass plug. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H (total): 9 1/8 x D 4 in. BI890

Large Gorham Flask with Basket Weave Silver Overlay

Large clear glass flask with sterling silver basket-weave overlay. Made by Gorham in Providence in 1892. Flask overlaid with dense weave apart from horizontal window with cross-weave – a helpful reminder that only two-thirds remains. Ball cover is hinged and gadrooned. Hallmark includes date symbol and no. S783. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: H 8 x W 4 ¼ x D 2 in. BI786

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